Meet the Herd of Cat~tle

Who is a part of the Herd?

We are Sadie Mae, Doodle, Spot, Odin & Petey.

Where the name ‘Herd of Cat~tle’ come from?

The name A Herd of Cat~tle came about when I, Sadie Mae, had my first litter of kittens. As Mew can see, I hab da cow spots and dere were 2 tuxedos, 2 all black and 2 torties (most also had cow colors) When they started exploring the house Meowmy hung a sign on da front door dat said ” Purrlease be watch the door and watch your step there is a tiny Herd of Cat~tle running around inside”. The sign was also used for the other 2 litters..

Where did your names come from?

Meowmy and Papa grew up in Amish country, they are known for farming and habing deir cows. So, Meowmy gabe me my name, Sadie Mae, because I look like a cow and it is a popular female Amish name.
Doodle was named by our oldest nonfur bro. Meowmy added da Bugger part because he was such a little bugger as a kitten.
Spot was named by Papa. He is a die~hard Star Trek fan and on Da Next Generation da android Data had a cat named Spot. She also has one black spot on one front paw and an orange spot on the other.
Petey’s name is actually Petetep James. Our oldest nonfur sister named him after a guy in da band Fall Out Boy, Petetep is “Pete” spelled forward and backward but Meowmy calls him P.I.T.A. Petey, it stands for Pain In the a….., but it’s meant in love! ❤
Odin James is a sad story. He was named after the God Odin who sacrificed himself to only come back later. Meowmy had found homes for all ob da first litter. The one home was a girl who then had her boyfriend move in. Long horrible story short, he killed the cat she had adopted. He was all black and his name was Jed. When Odin was born in what was my final litter, Meowmy knew it was her sweet Jed come back to her and knew he would stay wif her furever. She still leaks about it even though it was so long ago.

May I ask your ages?

Sadie Mae was born March 16, 2004, she is 8.

Doodle Bugger & Spot were born on May 18, 2005, they are 7
Odin James & Petey James were born May 16, 2007, they are 5

How did each of your come to be a part of the herd?

I was born under Papa’s Papa’s house and Meowmy’s nonfur kittens knew dat she lubbed cows and kittehs so when dey saw her dey got her as a birfday purresent for her big 3-0! Alot ob da cats dat libed dere weren’t healthy or happy and none eber libed bery long. I was sooooo lucky dey saved me!! As for the other 4, dey are all MY kittens. Dem same kids dat picked me out also had a habit of holding da door and I would escape. Finally I got “spayed”.

Do you herd the humans around?

I’ll take dis one Mama, Petey here,We all take turns leading them to da door or da bafroom and believe me, if dat clock hits 5am and we don’t hab our nomz…. well lets just say we ALL let dem know about it!!!

Odin, you seem to be the outspoken one.. are you the leader of the group? If not, who is?

I hab actually just obercome being shy and hab recently found my voice. I am definitely not the leader. Doodle is the Alpha Male and usually rules the group BUT if Mama Sadie isn’t happy, NOBODY is happy and she will gladly smack us back into line!!! She’s got one mean smack too!!

Does anyone require any special care like extra snuggles or medicines they have to take?

None ob us take any medicines and we all have our little quirks about needing snuggles. Doodle MUST be the center of all affections, if someone else is getting attention, he better be too!
Odin will chew the hair off of his belly if Meowmy and Papa go away for more than 2 nights even when dey hab someone stay wif us da whole time. He’s Papa’s boy!
*I* Petey, am very vocal about wanting attention and will let out a long meooooooooow when I want attention.
Spot likes to headbutt legs until people fink she’s gonna break dem, MOL.
Sadie will rub her head on your face or headbonk people on da mouth until she gets enough kissies to be satisfied.

Anything else you want to share about the group?

We each do our own “tricks”
Sadie waves Hi when you walk into a room or when mew first see her after walking into a room, and mew BETTER say Hi back!
Doodle does forward rolls and says “Mom”
Spot plays fetch with pull caps from 1/2 gallon of milk
Odin gives hugs and massages
*I* Petey ask permission before jumping onto someone’s lap
We always like to let our furriends know how we feel about dem and We Lub Mew ALL!!!!
Rules of the Herd Home:
1. no meal or drink is complete without cat hair.
2. NOBODY, tenants or visitors may use the bathroom without at least one kitteh escorting you.
3. If you think you are sleeping past 5am, you have another thing coming!
4. The door will be answered with a kitteh escort as well.
5. There WILL be belly rubs, chin scratches and kissies whenever we see fit
6. No outfit is complete without cat hair.
7. If a dresser drawer is left open, we will sleep in it.
8.we can add mew rules when ever we feel like it.
Author’s Note: Pictures were used with permission, you can visit and say hi to the Herd on their facebook page.  Many thanks to their mom for helping with the questions