Meet Whisper

How old are you?

I am 7 months old which puts my birthday sometime around May

How did you come into your mommy’s life?

I came from the Berkeley County Humane Society in Martinsburg West Virginia. I was in a cage with 5 other of sisters whom all looked like me…I saw Mommy walk into the cage room with my human sister Desi…They picked up so many kitties and I watched from the back of my cage so many of them were put back into the cages…The Humane society was getting ready to close and all my sisters in the cage started beating me up….Desi looked into the cage with us and saw me and she picked me up…She brought me over to Mommy saying look at this ones eye’s she needs us…Mommy picked me up and took one look into my eyes and That was the day I learned what LOVE meant…I was very sick and had horrible fleas but she picked me out of 30 some kittens that were healthier than me…She said she needed me and I needed her…
When I was brought into my new house I was given a bath right away because I didn’t smell too good…After a bath I was given a flea treatment and shown my litter box…That whole night I didn’t make a sound not one meow just purrs…I still didn’t have a name…The next day I got very sick and had problems breathing and was put into the car again…i was very scared I was being taken back because I was sick but Mommy took me to place called a vet and was given medicine for my cold…That night at home Mommy gave me a heating pad to sleep on and I opened my mouth to thank her but no meow came out…only a very tiny breathy meow…Thats when Mommy named me Whisper because my meow was no louder than a whisper!

Do you get to go outside or does your mommy keep you inside?

Oh no I am not allowed outside only with Mommy on a leash and harness…We live on a private road but people drive very fast past the house…My big sister Buttons was allowed outside and she got hit by a car so no more kitties allowed outside here…I like the harness and leash and I like to go on walks with mommy…well of course no one can really ever walk a cat Mommy kinda follows and let me lead her…So I guess you could say I walk Mommy MOL

Do you have any other kitties or doggies you live with? If so how many and how do you all get along?

We have a mini zoo here lets see…oldest to youngest pets that live in the house…Okies here we go Spicey Bird is a cockatiel he’s 23 years old..I love to watch him in his cage! We have Aunt Smudgie kitty she’s 17 and very grumpy so I don’t play with her…My big brother Salem kitty he’s 4 and I love him he’s so sweet to me!
My baby brother Sebastian he’s 3 months old and also came from the Humane Society he’s my partner in crime!
Then Jazzy doggie I don’t like doggies at all she’s like a Aunt she is 5 months old…a nephew who is a mouse named Sparky we have no idea how old the mouse is…I would sure love to get a closer look…and the newest addition is a hermit crab named Stormy not sure of his age either or if he is a he or she… so that makes 4 cats, 1 bird, 1 dog, 1 mouse and 1 hermit crab!! All the kitties and doggie in our house came from the Humane Society we don’t shop we adopt!!

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions that you would like to share?

This will be my first new year but I think my resolution would be to maybe lose alittle weight…I am pear shaped and getting alittle pudgie Mommy said it’s cause i just gotta taste everything kitty food or Human food I love food!!!

Do you think you would want to be a therapy cat when you grow up?

I would love to be therapy cat but sadly…I just have a tiny problem with my ears…I don’t like them touched and if someone does it I claw faces…I am getting better at it…Mommy said maybe one day but not anytime soon at least until I get over the ears being touched…Mommy works with me every day and I am getting use to it  so keeping my paws crossed!!

Did your mommy always love animals?

My Mommy Tamara Watson has always been a cat lady….She has always fed stray cats and kept kitties since before she can remember…She just has a way with us like she understands us…She always seems to know what I want before I ask…I won’t tell her age but she was a teenager when she got Spicey bird so you do the math *winks*

Are there any shelters/rescues that you support?

We fully support the ASPCA as well as the Berkeley County Humane Society! We support (KIN) Kittens in need and Spay Today! Also trap and release programs although West Virginia needs to have some of them set up *hint hint*

Where can your fans send mail to you (if you have an address)?

our mailing address is 187 Davis Drive Martinsburg West Virginia 25404

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

I get so excited when I see I have new furiends…Mommy and I never thought we would have close to 1,500 friends on facebook…When Mommy made the page for me we were expecting maybe 50 friends…It’s truely amazing the love and support we get from my page we are blessed.
Author’s Note: Many many thanks go to Miss Whisper and her mommy for helping with the interview. Please visit her facebook to say hello and follow her adventures. Photos were used with permission. 
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