Author’s Note: Many Many thanks to Sunny Papoochie for taking time from playing his harp, being a life coach and working with Fatboy on new projects to do the interview. Please visit him on his brother’s page and friend him on his page. Photos were used with permission and are a registered trademark.


(Inky, the naughty kitty Fatboy met at Camp Meow)

PHONE: *** Brrrrrring ***

SUNNY: MOMMMMY! The phone is ringing. *** Brrrrrrring ***** Mommy! Phone …. *** Brrrring *** Oh, I better answer it. Hello?

INKY: Hello Sunny! It’s Inky. Is my old pal Fatboy around?

SUNNY: Oh, hello Inky. No, he is outside playing with the squirrels.

INKY: Oh, well, I was just calling to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Slap-Happy New Year. What’s up Sunny?

SUNNY: Well, I’m working on some questions for an interview I was asked to give.

INKY: That’s great little man! What kind of questions are they going to ask you?

SUNNY: Oh, things like where I was born and …

INKY: Well, I hope you make up something good.

SUNNY: What do you mean? Don’t I just say where I was born?

INKY: No! You want to make it interesting … you know … make up something like ….tell them you were born in a chalet in France or something like that; you know …. fib a little.

SUNNY: I’m not supposed to fib.

INKY: Well, celebrities do it all the time when they are giving interviews -that’s why everybody thinks they’re so great. Besides, the truth is like an elastic – it’s meant to be stretched.

SUNNY: I didn’t know that. Oh, here’s my Mommy, do you want to speak to her?

INKY: uh oh … I just remembered, I have to do something. Gotta go, Sunny; Bye!

SUNNY: Oh, okay. Thanks Inky. Bye! Now, where are those questions for my interview? I know I put them somewhere … oh here they are. Let’s see.

First question: “How old are you?”

SUNNY: Oh, that’s easy. I’m 5 years old – oh wait, I better say I’m 21. That sounds better – like I’m a big boy. Okay.

Next question: “Where were you born?”

SUNNY: Another easy question. I was born on a farm and hmm … wait a minute … I’ll just erase that …. I was born in a little shallot in the South of France. My mother was a beautiful yellow tiger …. no … scratch that …. my mother was a pure-bred show cat and …

SMOKY: Sunny what are you doing?

SUNNY: I can’t play with you now Smoky, I’m writing my biography for an Interview I am giving.

SMOKY: What interview? Who is interviewing you?

SUNNY: A very important person – now please run along. I have to concentrate. Now where was I? Oh, yes … I was born in a little shallot in a tiny village in the South of France. My mother was ….

SMOKY: MOL. You weren’t born in an onion, Sunny. And you weren’t born in a chalet either. You were born in a barn in California. Rebel told me. You and she were born in a barn on a farm in …

SUNNY: I was not! I was NOT born in a barn. You take that back Smoky!

SMOKY: Okay, I take it back but that’s what Rebel said. She said it was a lovely barn on a farm in California and the lady who owned the farm had over 100 cats and you and Rebel were rescued by the lady who lives in the Green house behind our house.

SUNNY: Well, that’s her story. That’s not mine. Now, please run along … I’ve got work to do. Now, where was I .. oh yes …. My mother was a pure-bred show cat and my father was an prize-winning Owl.



FATBOY: What’s so funny Smoky?

SMOKY: Sunny is making up stories about where he came from. Sunny, no one is going to believe any of it.

SUNNY: Oh, hello Fatboy. You got a phone call from Inky a little while ago. He gave me some advice for my interview.

SMOKY: Sunny, Inky is very naughty. You shouldn’t listen to him. Fatboy said Inky was always getting into trouble at Camp last summer.

FATBOY: That’s true, Sunny. You better let me help you with the interview. I was interviewed once myself you know … not to brag or anything … just sayin’.

SUNNY: Okay, but I want to make it interesting, Fatboy. So everyone will read about me and think I am important.

FATBOY: You ARE important, Sunny. You don’t have to fib. Now, what’s the next question.

SUNNY: They want to know where did my name come from?

FATBOY: Well, that’s easy – do you remember what Mommy told us?

SUNNY: Mommy said that Babushka and Papoochie were words she remembered when she was a little girl. They are Slovak, right Fatboy? And you were named after a scarf (Babushka) and I was named after slippers (Papoochies).

FATBOY: That’s right Sunny. And we love our names, don’t we?

SUNNY: Yes, I wouldn’t trade my name for anything, Fatboy. Okay, I think I can handle this interview now. I’ll just tell the truth. Thanks Fatboy.

FATBOY: Anytime, Sunny, anytime.

SUNNY: Next question: “How did you come into your Mommy’s life?” Well, I didn’t always belong to my Mommy. Me and my sisters Smoky and Rebel, used to live with a lady who lives in the Green house. Smoky was the first one to leave. She didn’t like the barking dogs that the lady came home with one day so she ran away. Me and Rebel went looking for Smoky and found her at Mommy’s house. Mommy had turned her sun porch into a beautiful home for Smoky. She had her own furniture and she got to see all the birds and squirrels and she was treated like a Princess. We tried to get her to come home with us but she said she wasn’t leaving. Mommy saw me and Rebel and started to feed us. Then one day I saw Fatboy. He was the biggest kitty I ever saw. He started going to Mommy’s house to eat too. He was all covered in wounds because he was always getting beaten up. I felt sorry for him. He lived with a possum in a tree house behind our home. Everyone was afraid of Fatboy, but not me. We loved each other from the very beginning. So, when I saw that Mommy had bought a playhouse for Fatboy and he had a new home, I decided to move in with him. Mommy put a heated bed in his house and he would always let me sleep in it. He made me feel very welcome and I will always love Fatboy as long as I live. He is my best friend.

Next question: “Does Fatboy get you into trouble with his adventures?”

SUNNY: Let me think … oh, well there was the time last Christmas when Fatboy sneaked on the computer and bought all his friends Christmas gifts and charged them to Pay pal. Oh… that was so much fun. But, Fatboy never tattles on me so I didn’t get in trouble. Oh… MOL … and then there was the time we were playing pranks with Mommy’s phone … MOL … and we called Daddy by mistake and asked him if he had Prince Albert in a can … MOL. But I never get into trouble because Smoky says I have an innocent face. Also, Fatboy never tattles on me. Smoky is a little tattletale, though.

Next question: “Have you ever won any awards? ( I think you are very handsome and should)”

SUNNY: I have never won any awards or contests but if there was a contest for the Longest Tail I would surely win because I have a very long tail and Fatboy even wrote a poem about it. Would you like to hear it?


by Fatboy Babushka

I used to be a scaredy-cat but now I’m brave and strong.
The thing I like about me most?
My tail … it’s very long.

There was a time it frightened me.
I thought it was a mouse,
Because it chased me everywhere,
all around the house.

Then one day I caught it
and I felt a little proud.
Until I sunk my teeth in it
and bit it very hard.

Now I know it’s part of me
and I’m afraid no more,
I love my tail and it loves me
although it still is sore.


Next question: “Where did you learn to play the harp and will we get to see it more often this year?”

SUNNY: I taught myself how to play the harp. It’s easy. You just swat at the strings and music comes out. I must be a natural or something. I’ve performed a few times and once Prince Pan Pan accompanied me on the piano. I’m not sure if I have any engagements coming up in 2013 – but I might play my harp for Joyce Parmelee. She has her own radio show you know. It’s called Karma Kitty Hour and it is on  It’s an Internet Radio Station and she talks about Healing, and Fairies and Positive Energy and we Meditate and everything.  Her show is on every Wednesday evening.

Next question: “In your pictures it looks like you have a nick in your ear .. is that from an accident? (it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it, I just noticed it in looking at your pictures).”

sunny copy 69

*Sunny thinks for awhile … *

SUNNY: A few years ago, I was on a safari and a giant ryenos .. rinosor … a big dinosaur attacked me and …

SMOKY: **Enters the room ** are you still making up stories?

SUNNY: Smoky, are you still snooping? This is my interview, Smoky. I can answer these questions however I want; besides I’m only stretching the truth – like an elastic.

SMOKY: Well, I think you finally snapped, Sunny. MOL … a dinosaur? No one is going to believe that. Why don’t you just say that you were playing with Daddy’s shaver and accidentally snipped your ear?

SUNNY: Because that’s not true. You know the real story. When I was a kitten the Doctor snipped my ear while I was sleeping. I’m still a little mad about that too. But that’s not very interesting, Smoky.

SMOKY: At least it’s believable.

Next Question: “Where can your fans send you fan mail?”

SUNNY: What fans? Oh, yes … ahem … all my fans. Well, I have an email address it’s They can write me there and I will try to answer every letter. I don’t visit my facebook page too often because I’m usually sleeping or playing with Fatboy and Smoky.

Next Question: “Do you have any resolutions for this year?”

SUNNY: Yes. I have a very good solution. I think everybody should visit Fatboy’s Boutique and Hair Salon page and get “wigged” and donate $1.00 to KIN (Kitties In Need). That would be a good solution and it would help our friends too.

Next Question: ” Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you?”

SUNNY: Yes. I can yodel and I also love secrets. And I am very good at keeping a secret too. If you have a secret you can tell me because I won’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me.

Next question: “Will there be any adventures that feature you? I would love to see one where you get to save the day.”

SUNNY: Oh, I’m very glad you asked that. Well, no one is supposed to know about this. So don’t tell anyone because the kitty who told me, who shall remain nameless, but his initials are F.B. … F.B. with a TM after his name – he told me this in confidence. But, anyways, I’m very excited because Fatboy, I mean the nameless kitty is working on a new script and I may save the day. I think it’s going to be a mystery or a ballet – or maybe a mystery ballet. I was in Fatboy’s first ballet you know. Maybe you heard about it. It was called “Lucky Charms” a Ballet by Fatboy Babushka. But anyways, we’re in rehearsals now for his next ballet and I will be the star. But don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret.



(Fatboy, Sunny and Smoky practicing ballet) 


(Sunny got to play Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker last month)


(Sunny in his little house)


(Sunny repairing the foundation of his house)
(Sunny’s bag is available at Fatboy’s Boutique on for Valentine’s Day 2013)