Meet Tuxie

(The one, the only Sir Tuxie, looking dapper as always) 

Tuxie, how old are you?

No one knows my real birthday so Mom said it is the day my plane landed in Houston, November 1st and I just turned 7!

How did you come to live with your mom?

Mom had just discovered kitty pages on Facebook. She found my page the day after it was put up and began to follow me. When there where no posts for a couple of weeks she got all freaked out and was crying with worry about what could have happened. When I came back on she knew she had to have me! She was very afraid that she wouldn’t be able to adopt me because I was in Brooklyn, New York and she was in Houston area in Texas. But she filled out the paperwork and one day I called her Mom and it was a done deal! Mom works at a Halloween Express store and all her “HEX kids” pitched in money that season to help get me down here so I was headed to Texas!

May I ask what happened to your ears?

I had lived with some people who didn’t take care about the ear mites I got. I scratched and shook my head so much I burst all the blood vessels in my ears. That causes the ears to swell and that’s called hematoma. Usually the ears will crinkle up but mine didn’t. They stayed swollen at the base of the ear opening and that blocked any kind of good ear cleaning. Then I had bacterial infections on top of the mites! My ear canals were damaged from all of this and ear mite treatments and antibiotics weren’t helping me get better. I was hitting my head against the wall and crying so much! My foster mom was told I was in so much misery there were only 2 options…PTS or lose the ears. So I had 2 separate surgeries to remove the entire outer ear and part of my ear canals. I can still hear though! I still have the lower canal and ear drum and all the bones that conduct sound. I am sort of hard of hearing though and can never have ear infections or mites or I would be in big trouble. This is what makes me a “special needs” kitty. Mom also found out I have a heart murmur so we have to keep an eye on that too and make sure I don’t get too stressed out.

How many sisfurs/brofurs do you have?

5 of them! Anjelique is 16, SnowBelle and Chester are 12, Alex is 2, and my new little sister Eva is 7 months. Ancient Opie was my oldest brother but he went to the Bridge at 20 in November. I also have a d o g sister who is 9. Lula is a Siberian Husky and I’m pretty sure she was born with no brain!

I have 4 non-furs too.
They are Jerran 27, Jas 15, Lydia 13, and Jeric who we all call Boogie. He’s 6 and special needs too! Oh but he has ears! MOL

Does anyone treat you different?

Sometimes. Most people are curious about me and ask what happened to my ears. Some people have asked Mom, “What is that?!” I’m not a thing! I’m a cat! MEOW I have had a few people call me names they think are cute but it is hurtful. I can’t help that I look different and you wouldn’t make “funny” names about someone who lost a leg, right? Most people are super nice and kind though! Mom says I am even more handsome without my ears!

How did you become the head of the cauliflower ear cat club?

My foster mom, Eva, made my Facebook page and saw my potential to be a great leader so she gave me the title! I hope I have been a good leader and will continue to improve! Maybe one day I will be the president of the country! I’m pretty sure I can do better than any of the silly humans!

Are there any other members of your club?

Oh anyone can be in my club! If you are a cat with a missing ear or 2 or have crinkled, cauliflower ears you are in automatically! I even let d o g s in! MOL La Chat Noir, Dottie, Gentle Ben, and many others are members of my club but so are all my friends on my page! MEOW!

Your mom is such a talent woman, may I show off some of her work?

MOM! Can they show off your work? MOM! MOMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Oh well, she’s sleeping. Go ahead and show her stuff! She’s very laid back about all that!

(“Time” photo album. Holds 100 3X5 photos. Lined inside with black velvet panne, padded outside with blue teal velvet panne, and embellished with steam punk style cogs, gears, and clock face. Clock hands move so it can be any time you want!




What shelters/sanctuaries/groups do you and your mom support?

We don’t really have anyone specific but we always try to help Puffy Paws Haven in Florida because it’s just 2 wonderful humans that take care of 200 senior, special needs, and mostly unadoptable cats. Everyone should like them! Mom says they are human angels on earth blessed by Bast and doing Her work! MEOW

Does your mom ever sleep?

It seems like she is always busy doing something, auctions, making things, taking pictures, etc.
OMC, yes! Mom does sleep! A lot! But she sleeps during the day mostly and stays up at night to get things done. She’s very hyper in her brain and I get tired and bored watching her when she gets into one of her frenzies! Mom is also a Girl Scout leader for 10 years now!

I love my Mom too!  She shows me off and says she is so proud of me!  And she gives me all the love I never got before!


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Sir Opie. Fly free little one, know that you were and will always be loved.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderfully talented Ms Carla (*hugs*) and the brilliant and handsome Tuxie (*gives extra treats*). Photos were used with permission and come by and visit Tuxie on facebook.