First and foremost, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.. if you don’t celebrate anything I hope you had an equally joyous week. Second, happy new year to everyone.


No animal article today so I wanted to take a few minutes and thank all the readers who have read, shared and commented. You all are wonderful! Without you none of this would be possible.


My very first Animal Article was posted on March 3, 2012 about Cats – Communication, Food, Costs to own, etc. My very first interview was with the wonderful guardians of Oskar the Blind Cat. Which led to more interviews, I became encouraged by my friends and those who I got a chance to interview.

Here’s this year in a nutshell:

I learned about BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) thanks to the guardians of Duke Lloyd, Reggie, Isis, Morgan, Gracie and Reed.

I got three white kittens adopted thanks to my friend Diane, who I met while talking about her cat Brother the Tailless Wonder.

I got to meet Gizzmo and see the baby zombies grow from tiny little things into beautiful kittens.

I joined  the hunt to find Jamie and cried when his body was found and he was finally brought home.

I rejoiced upon hearing that Oskar has won the Friskes Best Cat Video of 2012 Award.

I cried upon hearing that the sweet cat named Penny had passed away suddenly.

I giggled while sitting down for an interview with Fatboy Babushaka.

I was taken by the wonderfully opinionated guinea pigs named Buddy, Nibbles, Nutty and Basil.

I told stories of the survivors of abuse from Mogul to Reed to Dottie to Snow

I’ve covered blind, deaf,  three-legged, extra toed, deaf furbabies from Mea to George to Phaedra to Sage and Neptune.

I had the honor of interviewing the famous Corky, Anakin and Moki

I researched all about black cats and gave Miss Smoky an article to call her own.

Each and every one of my interviewee’s stories are important, they all share love of their guardians. Many of them had rough starts. And to those I haven’t mentioned, you are all wonderful. Each and every one of you shared your story with me and I thank you.

I’ve met lots of wonderful pet guardians as well as their wonderful amazing furry family members. Not only have I been inspired by the stories of courage, bravery, saddened by their losses but given the strength by their fans and my readers to carry on. There is always another animal in need and another story to be told.

Thank you to all the friends I’ve made along the way, I hope that the journey is just as incredible next year.


Changes  in 2013

The Blog will now be posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

January –  Continuing with animal interviews with some famous facebook cats and dogs

February – Celebrating our small furry, feathered and finned friends

March – Featuring animals with different abilities, three legged, deaf, blind, two legged, etc.

April – Animal Abuse Awareness month – featuring survivors of animal abuse with a very special gathering at the end of the month.

May – Guest Blogs! I’ll be covering my adventures at BlogPaws May 17-19.


This post is dedicated to all the ones furry, feathered and finned family members we’ve lost way too early this year.Run, fly and swim free little ones you brought so much joy to so many people and will continue to bring joy to your family. Please know you were cared for and very much loved.

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