Guest Post: Hutch Piggies on their New Year’s Resolutions

Author’s Note: The Hutch Piggies were interviewed in November 21st, if you missed their interview, click here to catch up and come back. I wanted to know what the group would be up to for New Year’s so I asked them to be a guest.

Firstly whee have to say how excited whee are to have been invited to do this. Whee can barely contain ourselves! It is such an honor but whee are a little nervous. *waves paws* Hellooooo!

Well 2012 is over, it has certainly been a funny year for efurryone. So much has happened. In a month or so Buddy will have been with us a whole year, Nutty has gotten chubbier, Mummy self published a book on animal rescue, whee lost Bingo, gained Basil and Nibbles has humilated us at the vets! Strange really. Busy even!

Mummy has been telling us a lot about these ‘New Years Resolutions’ recently. She says she has a new one every year and starts it with the best intentions. Apparently best intentions aren’t too helpful when chocolate is involved!


Well whee have decided to come up with some Resolutions and maybe you can help us decide which one to go for!

1) Give up eating socks.

It is a terrible habit whee all have. An addiction almost. Whee see a sock and cannot seem to help ourselves. Omnomnom! It is so much fun particually when a toe is involved. The little hoomans don’t agree but whee are trying to make them forget material things like socks and love the piggy nibbled skin they were born in!

2) Giving up bar biting.

Another terrible habit! Whee are always biting the cage bars to get Mummy’s attention and nothing ever stops us! But if whee don’t do that then what else will whee combine with loud squeaking to get her attention?!

3) Vow to lose the built up Pigmass fat.

Well Winter brings with it less garden time. In fact it stops garden time because the changes of temperature going in and out of the house can make us piggies unwell. That means all runs happen inside. Which means whee have cuddle cosies and fleece blankets. Which in turn explains our Winter laziness and build up of chubby! Mind you, losing weight requires running, exercise and focus. Three things whee all lack skills in! Hmmm maybe something else?

4) Give up complaining.

Oh now whee really are expecting the impossible! Whee are British piggies, like hooman Brits complaining is in our nature! If whee didn’t complain so much there would be far less on our blog. And Mummy messes up often enough that whee need a good moan about her occassionally!

Well whee give up! What are your New Years Resolutions and what do you suggest for ours?

Hope you had a magical Pigmass and wishing you the happiest most wonderful New Year you can imagine!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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Author’s Note: I wanted to say a very special thank you to the Piggies for sharing their new year’s resolutions with us.