Meet Roxy

How old is Roxy?

Roxy is now 3 yrs old approx.

Where did the name Roxy come from?

I named her Roxy because of her stripes & markings along with a tail that doesn’t match
in color to the rest of her. I said she looked liked she was all dolled up for a party & looking foxy so
of course she became Foxy Roxy.

How did she come into your life?

Roxy had a very rough start in life. She came to me in the winter of 2010 when it was
extremely cold in the Northeast. I had been putting food out for a few strays or feral any little one looking for a meal. Roxy showed up everyday about the same time. In the Spring when I could stay out longer I was able to gain her trust and In April 2011 I was finally able to catch her take her to the vet, get her spayed and bring her inside.
All was well Roxy was living the good life for the first time in her life. She was adapting well but still a little “odd” for lack of a better description. In Jan of 2012 Roxy  began to act strange. Hiding under the bed wouldn’t eat and then she started having seizures. We took her to our vet and after several tests they could not find out why she was having these seizures. They sent us to a Neurologist in Red Bank NJ. He took one look at Roxy told us the type of seizures she was having. Of course he couldn’t be sure without an MRI. So it was scheduled for the next day. We drove back up to Red Bank almost 2 hours from home after the MRI to hear the news. Roxy had a large mass on her  brain behind her left eye. Which made sense because she was having trouble with keeping this eye open for a few days prior to the seizures. The surgery was going to be very expensive but Dr. Glass felt that he could remove the mass. We decided to do the surgery so it was scheduled for the following day which was Wed Jan 18th

The surgery was a success and the tissue was sent out for testing. Roxy would be able to come home the following Monday.

On Monday we drove back up to Red Bank to pick up Roxy. She was so thin and weak but happy to see us. She had a huge incision on her head with staples and a cone. She would have to wear the cone for the week and needed round the clock meds. We bought a large dog crate for her to recover in. We put it in my office where I make catnip toys and
work so I could keep my eye on her. Roxy did well and  was such a little fighter for only 5 lbs of kitty. She had temporary blindness from the surgery and she handled it well.

The following week we took her back to get the staples out and find out the diagnosis. I expressed my fear to Dr Glass that she was deaf since the surgery. At first I thought she was going to be blind but her eyesight was improving each day but she wasn’t responding to sound. I would shake the treat bag and no Roxy. She stopped greeting me at the door, I would walk right up to her and she would sleep away. I was pretty sure she was deaf. This was confirmed later that day by Dr. Glass.

Dr. Glass got the results of Roxy’s tests that day as well and he was “shocked” to say the least. Roxy had FIE (Feline Ischemic Encephalopathy) which is a nasty neurological disease contracted by outdoor kitties. The cats are infected with the larvae of the bot fly. In Roxy’s case she inhaled the parasite which traveled to her brain. The strange part is the timing of when she became sick. The bot fly lays its egg in July, August and September but in these months in 2011 Roxy was indoors. The parasite must have been ingested the previous year. So this puzzled Dr. Glass as it is not common for a cat to live that long after being infected. Like I said before Roxy is such a little fighter.

After realizing that Roxy would be a “Special Needs” kitty from now on. I turned to the internet and Facebook where I found lots of kitties with Special Needs like Roxy. One of Roxy’s first friends on Facebook was Bella the Beautiful Blind & Deaf Cat.

Does she have any fursiblings?

She lives with three other kitties…Grease a 16 yr old male all gray, Lilli she is 8 and a calico (still a little
feral).  and her big sister NeveRose (snowshoe siamese).  Roxy loves her sister. They are always together and
NeveRose helps her all the time. Roxy follows her around and looks to NeveRose for guidance.

How did you find out that the surgery made her deaf?

We discovered she was deaf a few weeks after she healed from her surgery. She didn’t come running when we
shook the treat bag, she stopped greeting me at the door, she could sleep through anything including mealtime if
we didn’t wake her up and finally the vacuum cleaner test.  Roxy was deaf.  So she now wears a bell on her collar
this way even if we don’t see her we can hear where she is. Since she can’t hear it doesn’t bother her at all.  We
make sure she doesn’t miss out on anything, we go find her.  We try not to come up behind her so she doesn’t get
startled and jump.  She loves to ride in the car with her sister NeveRose.  They really love each other and she would
be lost without her.

A bit about Roxy’s mom:

I have a Cat Business called Kitty Collage. I grow Organic Catnip and make Catnip Toys. This was the beginning of our “Gift Packages for Kitties with Special Abilitites/Needs”.

Each month Roxy and I pick out kitties like her and Bella and we send them our “Gift Package”. Some of them are Oskar the Blind Cat, Mea the beautiful kitty that’s Blind, George the handsome Deaf & Blind just to name a few.

We love what we do here and we have met so many wonderful Facebook friends (cats and humans too)… Roxy has adjusted well to being deaf. She has lots of Facebook friends lives with three other cats and I can’t imagine life without her. I always said she was sent to me for a reason and I am so happy that she was sent to my back door..

How did you get started with Kitty Collage?

I have been growing catnip and making catnip toys by hand for over 10 years. I used to do lots of Craft Shows but
with the price of gas and the economy I cut back and started my little Etsy/Shop to see how that would do.  But that
too was slow until Roxy came into my life. Then I began to send out our Catnip and toys to cats like Roxy (with special
abilities/needs) that we met on Facebook and my business has taken off ever since then. I give out lots of toys each month along
with bags of catnip.  When donate items for auctions to help raise money for kitties in need.  When people shop with the
cats & I they are helping us to help kitties.  We love what we do and hopefully after the first of the year we will have our
very own website….
UPDATE: Roxy did have one more surgery in the beginning of October for ORS (Ovarian Remnant Syndrome)  She is doing really good now and is  finally gaining  some weight.


Dedicated to the loving sweet memory of Miss Irene Brown, who left her family too soon.

Fly free little one.


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(Credits go to Fatboy Babushka’s Salon for this picture… used with permission) 

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Roxy’s wonderful and creative mom. Not only for emailing me about Roxy, but I had gotten a catnip treat as a prize from another cat friend so I was honored to do the story on Roxy. What an amazing little brave little girl. Photos used with permission and they belong to Kitty Collage unless otherwise stated.