Meet Buddy

Buddy shortly after being rescued

How old are you Buddy?

I’m almost 2 years old. Come November, they’re going to be singing “Happy Birthday to Buddy” again.

What type of dog are you (if you know)?

I’m a handsome, charming, and flirty little boy. Oh, did you mean breed? I’m a terrier, maybe with a little yorkie mix. And did I say cute?  I have a couple of girlfriends, you know?

Would you mind sharing how you came into your mom’s life and what happened to you?

 I was born in Georgia. A big dog came along and grabbed me by the neck one day, and shook me up. Some people went and reported what happened to animal control and they came to my house looking for me. When my owner said he wasn’t going to get me any care, and that he would just as soon let me die at home, animal control took me.
Eventually I was rescued by a local rescue group up North. When they asked for a foster for me, mommy volunteered, but someone else beat her to it. Then as luck would have it, the foster mom I had needed to find an emergency replacement and mommy came into my life, but only as my second foster mom at that point.
As time went on and mommy tried to find the best home for me, it became apparent that I was falling in love with her and the rest of my family too (human and canine). Then as some applicants were checking me out, it too became apparent to mommy how much she was falling in love with me. She says it was my eyes. She knew she would not be able to look me in the eyes and say “goodbye Buddy.” So here I am.  Everyone says they saw it coming.

Whirlpool Therapy

Do you still go to therapy? If so how often?

I’m done with therapy finally. I had about 6 months worth of therapy as soon as mommy got me. Then I had surgery too, and Botox injections. We tried everything. But about 9 months down the road I hit a platuea so we stopped. I was kinda glad, cause I hated that loud, swishy tub they would put me in (whirlpool).

Is there an address where people can send you fan mail and/or help donate towards your therapy? (if you accept mail and/or donations)

I live at 20 Grover Street, Succasunna, NJ 07876. I don’t need therapy anymore. I love fan mail, especially from cute, pretty little dogs. Woof~

What advice do you have for other dogs that are disabled?

Never give up. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I couldn’t move at all when I first came to mommy. Now I can use a wheelchair, I can leap with my rear legs, I can flip over. Always believe in yourself. And just because we’re special, doesn’t mean we can’t be happy, loved, and enjoy life.

Is there a link where other pet guardians can find a therapist for their pet?

Not that I know of.  I would just say that mommys and daddys have to turn over every stone and look high and low like my mommy did.

How do you like your wheelchair? Was it specially designed for you?

I love my wheelchair. It took me awhile at first. But I can outrun mommy if she’s running away from me with a treat in her hand. It is custom made by Ruff Rollin Wheelchair for Dogs.

How many siblings do you live with? Do any of them have disabilities?

The last I counted, there were 6 canine and a guinea pig that I’m close with. We have coockoo-crazy Caleb. Does that count?  What about selective hearing? Other than that, no.

Are there any links you would like to share for causes or shelters that you support?

You can follow me on my facebook page (  I am a big advocate against animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect.  I don’t like MEAN MONSTERS.  I strongly oppose puppy mills, dog fighting, pet shops, and not altering your animal. One particular shelter that I support in raising pledges is the dogs at San Bernardino Animal Shelter. You can find them on  They are located in Devore, CA 92407.  They have the highest kill rate at 87%.  That means only 13 dogs out of 100 ever walk back out those doors again to freedom.  The epidemic of unwanted dogs in California breaks my heart.

Buddy and his wheels

Author’s Note: I wanted to thank Buddy and his guardian for taking the time to answer the interview questions and supplying some wonderful information on this little guy. All pictures were used with permission.