Meet Wonky Eye Kitty

(she is another international star, coming all the way from Hoegaarden, Belgium) 

How old are you?

I turned 5 two weeks ago! I’m a big girl now! 🙂

Is your name really Wonky or is it a nickname?

My ‘proper’ name is Lily. But on the interwebs I’m better known as Wonky Eye Kitty. It all started like this: Not long after my brother Jack and I arrived at our forever home, the picture was taken which would make me somewhat of an internet phenomenon 🙂 It first appeared on the worldwide web after my human sent the picture to The Daily Kitten in Dec. 2007 (link: Unbeknownst to us all it was transformed into a Lolcat picture on the Cheezburger website, which is now my Facebook profile picture! Soon after that Christopher Kimball created the ‘Wonky Eye Kitty’ t-shirt based on the Lolcat, which is how my nickname was born! And then, by chance, we stumbled upon it (and couldn’t believe what had been going on behind our backs! 🙂 ). The rest is history…

Miss Lily and her brother, Jack

How did you come into your parents life?

Our humans found us through an ad in a local paper. It’s hard to explain, but as soon as my human saw my cute self she immediately knew I was the cat for her. It sounds a bit corny, but I guess it was ‘love at first sight’. 🙂

I see you won the Cutie Petootie award in 2007, did you do any training for it?

Not particularly, it somehow just comes naturally to me. I suppose I was born with a talent for cute 🙂

Wonky showing some holiday spirit

Do you plan to compete in anything in the future?

If there would be a biscuit making/kneading competition, I’d definitely take part, I’m really good at that! 🙂

May I ask what caused one eye to be bigger than the other?

My wonky eye apparently is a condition called ‘microphthalmia’. It’s a birth defect, but it doesn’t affect me too much, it just makes me supercute. I may have a problem judging length/depth as I am quite famous for missing jumps that most cats could do with their eyes closed 🙂 We prefer to think it gives me super powers like x-ray vision or the ability to see in the dark 🙂 But in all seriousness the condition could make the sight in my little eye deteriorate, so we’re very vigilant.

Enjoying some time in the garden

Do you get to venture outside? If so, what do you think of snow?

I prowl around our garden every day, licking puddles and chasing bugs, but I don’t venture any further. I find snow quite fascinating, but I try to walk around it, rather than in it, as it is a bit chilly to the paws.

What are you favorite things to do?

I love spending time on the sofa with my humans, receiving tummy rubs and giving them headbutts in return. When I’m feeling active I love playing with my kickaroo and jingly toy mice.

Where can people contact you?

People can always contact me through my Facebook fanpage. The more the merrier!

Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I’d like to add something about my brother, as he has a very strange thing for penguins… He carries his toy penguin all over the house, in his mouth, and my humans even play fetch with him using the penguin! At night he also likes to “sing” while holding the toy in his mouth, which sometimes disturbs my human’s sleep… 🙂 It’s odd, but brilliant!

Miss Lily’s pawprints in the snow


Cutie petootie 2007

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Miss Lily aka Wonky for taking the time to have her human help her answer questions. Photos were used with permission.