Meet Hobbes aka the Stinky Cat

a Hobbes checking his facebook page

How old are you?

I am 9 years old

How did you get your name(s)?

Well, when my mommy found me I was this tiny little thing and so skinny.  She took me to the vet and she said I had lots of parasites that were keeping me skinny.  They also made me have stinkies in the litter box, and I tooted a lot!  So she started calling me Stinky cat!  The nickname just stuck.

How did you come into your mom’s life?

She was going through some very hard times.  Her mommy had passed away a few months before and she was very sad.  One night she came home from work and there I was, sleeping on her doormat.  I knew she needed me so I waited for her.  She said I was dirty, hungry, and so little.  But I just purred and purred when she held me…..

I see you’ve one quite a few awards according to your facebook page, may I share them with the readers?

  Oh yes!  I am very proud of them!


  • Cutest Cat Ever 2010
  • Crunch Crunch Ball Champion
  • Song of the Year 2006, The Stinky Dance
  • Most Handsome Ginger Cat 2011
  • Grand Champion of Dancing with the Cats 2011
  • Wrote the song “Hey Fatboy” for his bff Fatboy Babushka

Which one are you most proud of?

Well, I think that would be Crunch Crunch Ball Champion.  Those are my favorite toys and I can run and jump so hig when I play with them!

How long did it take you to write “Hey Fatboy” for your bff Fatboy Babushka?

That song took a couple days to write.  I am such a perfectionist, I wanted to get it right.

Is there a link where the readers can listen to it?

There isn’t, and mommy is having trouble finding the lyrics we wrote!

How long did you have to train for the Most Handsome Ginger Cat Competition?

Well, I’m kinda naturally adorbale so I didn’t have to do much.  MOL

What was your diet for the dance competition?

Oh, mommy has us all on a strict diet.  We only eat 3 small meals a day.  We (my brothers and sister) are not very fond of “the diet”…….

Do you have any advice for any cats seeking to compete?

You have to have the dance in your heart.  That and lots of practice.

Are you going to compete in anything else in the near future?

I think I may be retired from competitive dancing!  But I still like to shake it at parties!

Do you accept fan mail/presents?

I have such wonderful friends I have met on Facebook.  I do receive gifts and cards, it’s so nice!  I also send lots of cards and gifts to my friends.  Mommy and I really enjoy doing that.

How did you meet Fatboy?

I met Fatboy last year right before Christmas.  Something just clicked and we bonded right away.  My mommy and his mommy love each so much, too.  They talk on the phone all the time.  We were all trying to think of ways to help our cat community.  We kept seeing the chip ins of kitties who really needed help.  So after throwing around some ideas we came up with the idea of doing auctions.  The rwason we thought of this was that we also were seeing how many of the mommies were doing these wonderful crafts–knitting, jewelry, etc.  We thought this would be a great way to raise money and to help these mommies display their amazing talents.  Fatboy came up with the “KIN” name (Kitties In Need) so we created a special page where we would hold our auctions.  The first auction we ever did in the Spring of this year raised over $3000 for KIN!  We were so proud.  Then this summer we brainstormed to come up with something different from the other auctions out there.  So we did the Mystery Date Auction!  It was a “fun” auction where you bid on dates with a mystery bachelor kitty.  We actually raised more than we thought we would, a little over $300!  And everyone had a blast!  Did you see the pictures of the Mystery Dates??  Oh, they are so fun!!  You can find them on the Auction for KIN page, and also on Fatboy’s page.  And now we are preparing for our Christmas auction which will have 2 parts–an ornament auction and a “Christmas Gift” auction.  Fatboy came up with the gift auction.  He thought it would be great for early Christmas shopping!  MOL  It began Nov. 15 and I think it went go through the first of December (it’s already over  but stay tuned!  We plan on more auctions!)  We work very hard on putting together an auction, and we are very proud of our wonderful donors and the money we raise for the kitties in our community!

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This article is dedication to the loving memory of Miss  Deborah Kelley.

Author’s Note: I want to thank Hobbes and his mom for doing the interview. All photos were used with permission.