Meet Sage Magnolia Schreck-3 legged Wonderdog

How old are you Sage?

I am 4 and a half years young. The shelter gave me a birthdate of March 10, 2008. This past barkday Mommy threw me a wonderful Barkday Pawty and my Rottweiler furiends Orca and Kaempfer and my brother Sullivan celebrated with me. Mommy had a Barkday cake made for me from a Barkery that was in the shape of a bone. It was made from Peanut Butter, Carrots and Honey. YUMMY! We had the bestest time at my Pawty! We had Pawty favors for everypawdy, balloons and even pawty hats.

Where did your name come from?

Well, I asked my Mommy this very question. So, apparently all of my Kitty brothers and sisters have names that start with “S” and they all have middle names that start with “M”. Mommy and Daddy have S names too. So Mommy said she wanted to give me a pretty one syllable name because she knew she wanted to make my middle name Magnolia because she loves Magnolia trees, and then she said that she thought SAGE was a strong and beautiful name. And I think she’s right, I like my name Sage Magnolia and I know my name very well.

Sage & Sullivan

How did you come to live with your mom?

Well, Mommy and Daddy had six kitties already and had no plans of adopting any more pets. But, well… Mommy heard my story and just had to meet me and the rest is History!!! So, here is the story–Mommy regularly goes to take donations of supplies to the local no kill shelter and while there she always looks around at the animals and visits and talks to them. Then she was talking to the lady that works there and she said this little small doggy (that was me) had just had her leg amputated because she was thrown away like trash onto the side of the highway. Mommy wanted to see me after hearing this story and when she held me I just put on my best little sigh and my little loving head into Mommy’s neck and rested on her shoulder like a baby. (Shhh, I laid it on thick because I already decided this was going to be my Mommy). So just when I thought I was going HOME, the shelter said I had to stay because I had to recover from my surgery and Mommy said something about my new Daddy being out of the country and she had to persuade him that they needed a doggie. But Mommy had already decided that Sage had found her forever home and somehow I knew Mommy was telling me the truth.

Little did I know how clever my Mommy was, she took Daddy to his favorite bar and let him get a few drinks before she told him about me. Daddy said Mommy was crazy and that they had six cats and why on earth did she want a dog. Well Mommy told Daddy my story and Daddy said he couldn’t be the jerk that said NO to the little 3 legged dog. Mommy just has a way of making things make sense to Daddy, you know?? Mommy came to visit me every day at the shelter until I was ready to come home. Then when I came home to my forever family, they had all sorts of cool stuffs for me like a bed and a puppy den and toys and clothes. Oh my DOG it was like Christmas. I never knew what this was like and I loved my new parents instantly. I felt so comfortable in my new home and I let Mommy and Daddy know that I already knew my manners like I knew that I had to Potty outside and I liked my puppy den and I would just go in there whenever it looked like Mommy and Daddy might be leaving the house, I didn’t chew on anything and I loved giving puppy kisses. I even learned to like my kitty siblings even though at first they weren’t so sure about little Sage.

Sage on New Year’s Day 2011

And believe it or not… fast forward a year later and I would get my very own Doggy brother!!! Can you stand the luck?? Mommy saved Sullivan from death row after he was confiscated from bad backyard breeder people who abused him and kept him in a rabbit cage. And again, Daddy was out of the country and Mommy just made an executive decision and got Sulli off of the death row and into our house. He was supposed to be my ‘foster’ brother, but Mommy had to work with him for so long on his fear, anxiety and behavioral issues that after awhile she just told Daddy, “we’re keeping him, it’s good for him and Sage to have each other”. Wow, Mommy worked her magic again and I got a brother. We’re besties and do everything together. Now we are just one big happy family. And Mommy does the rescue stuff now and we have kitty visitors coming to stay sometimes until Mommy gets them their very own new families. We lost our kitty sister Betty two Christmases ago.. this was a very sad time for all of us. So now my immediate family is my Mommy Susan, my Daddy Sven, My kitty brothers Sebastian Madison (12.5 y.o), Socrates Mythos (he’s from Greece-7 y.o.), my kitty sisters Sabrina Monroe (12.5 y.o) and Savannah Montgomery (11 y.o.) and my kitty brother Nixon Roosevelt (14 y.o.). (Ok, so Nixon and Betty were rescue kitties that were abandoned but Mommy already knew their names from their former owner and they knew their names, so Mommy said she couldn’t change them to “S” names) And of course my doggy brother, Sullivan Marshall (he’s almost 3).

Hanging out on her bed.. on mom’s bed

You’ve been in the Spring Edition of the 2012 American Dog Magazine, did you get swarmed by puparazzi after it came out?

Wow, that was so Pawesome! I made so many new furiends on Facebook and Mommy liked that we got more fans on my page and we have been sharing about the power of crossposting death row doggies and kitties and educated people about handicapable pups like me!!!

What organizations are you currently raising funds for and may I share the links?

I have raised money for the no kill shelter where i came from by doing a Dogwalk and have participated in events with several other local rescues to raise money. Mommy has helped plan events for other rescues and gives regularly to small rescues to save death row dogs. However, right now Mommy has just started up Saving Southern Kitties out of sheer necessity to save kitties from a little rural shelter about 40 miles south of us in South Carolina. (They have no rescue help for the kitties and most of them get put down) Mommy saved three kitties recently that had been in a very loving home with an elderly gentleman that got very sick, but two of the three kitties have needed very extensive veterinary care and Mommy had to do a chip in for Princess who went downhill quickly and has several things going on. Mommy paid $600 already out of her own pocket and Princess needs more care. We are praying she doesn’t have cancer. We have to raise more funds for her tests that need to be done.

Catching some z’s after Pups at the Park

Then just today, Mommy learned that her brother, Hoppy, who is now staying here with us will need Orthopedic surgery to fix his foot and he had a bad kitty cold and a few other tests that needed to be done, so Mommy has funded all of this on her own too. We cannot do the surgery without support and donations. Mommy hates to ask but she has to try to get donations for this too and she will work on putting a chip in together for Hoppy. If you go on my page on Facebook, you can find Princesses chip in there. Donations for Hoppy’s orthopedic surgery (and for Princess as well) can be sent via Paypal to . Mommy will work on getting that chip in made for Hoppy, but this information can be given if anyone can help. Mommy also saved a feral mommy cat and her three kittens last year from her old job..they were living under the building. Come to find out the Mommy had been hit by a car and needed lots of medical attention and the 3 kittens needed vet care and shots and Mommy got everyone spayed/neutered. Mommy worked with a feral cat expert to try to rehabilitate and tame the kitties, but they are still pretty wild kitties. They like Mommy, but when people come to meet them to potentially adopt them, they hide and then noone wants them. Aww, this is so sad for them that they are scared. So they are all still living at our house.They have their own bedroom. Mommy’s mission now is to find a wonderful sanctuary where they can all live together.

Did you mom always like animals?

Yes Mommy grew up with animals. My Granddad worked in Veterinary Medicine most of his life, and Mommy learned a lot about caring for animals. Granddad was an animal cruelty investigator for many years, even training and teaching after his retirement. He still occasionally goes on calls with animal control and consults when people need advice on how to handle certain situations. He is an animal advocate and so is my Mommy. Mommy tries to educate people about the pet overpopulation, about toughening laws for cruelty/neglect against animals, how we can achieve “no kill” status at shelters and animal controls throughout the U.S., banning use of gas chamber and heartstick as a means of euthanization, raising awareness about BSL (breed specific legislation) and to educate that Pit Bulls are not violent dogs, and she teaches people how to use social media to advocate for death row animals. Mommy has worked with many groups in the deep south to get death row dogs up north and coordinates transports and helps transport when she can. Mommy just learned about the need from a rural shelter not too far that needs advocates and rescues, especially for the kitties. So Mommy has just decided to start her own rescue and got the first kitties out of there, but without having funding at first, this has set us back. So, now Mommy will work to raise the money needed to get these kitties their surgery and testing and then will be working on some events and fundraisers to get some money on hand to be able to save some other kitties. We are also looking for local fosters in the Charlotte, NC to Chester, SC areas. Mommy is the busiest person I know.. like tonight I’m ready for bed and Mommy is still up. I don’t think Mommy sleeps too much, but me and Sullivan need our puppy rest!!! Anyone interested in becoming a foster or helping Saving Southern Kitties can contact My Mommy, Susan at

Sage & Orca her bestie

Anything else you would like to add about yourself Sage?

Oh, yes I am also a therapy pup and I like to visit the people in the nursing home. I haven’t been in awhile though, but Mommy says we’ll go again once things get sorted with these rescue cats and her rescue efforts. I love the color pink, I have LOTS of clothes and a car seat and a stroller and I LOVE to go to festivals. And Sullivan and I participate in the Halloween Pawty fundraiser at the humane society where I came from and this year we’re going as Spider Man and Wonder Woman!!! YAY!!!! Last year we were a football player and cheerleader. And we loves it when we get to go there and sit with SANTA!!! My boyfuriend is Noodle the Disabled Dachshund who is on Facebook and lives in Australia and my best furiend is a Rottweiler named Orca.. she’s coming to visit me tomorrow. YAY!
People need to take a chance on handicapable animals like me or animals that have social, anxiety, or fear issues like Sullivan, Bully breed pups, black dogs and kitties….those that have tougher times making it out of shelters alive. Sullivan, my kitty siblings and I are so lucky to have been saved and to have found our forever family. Every night I pray that more people will just save ONE animal today.
I also want to say that FOSTERING saves lives. Sometimes a foster is the ONLY bridge between being able to buy the dog or kitty the few days it needs to get out of the shelter alive before going to its forever home. I ask people to open their hearts and homes and consider fostering.
woof woof ,tail wags and hugs!!!!

Miss Sage & Santa


Spring 2012 Edition of American Dog Magazine.


Author’s Note: Many many pets, snuggles and thanks go to Miss Sage for doing the article and letting me borrow some pictures for the article. All of them were used with permission.