Meet Fatboy Babushka


How did you get the name Fatboy Babushka?

“Well, my first name … I don’t know how I got it. Oh, yes … I remember now. I’m big-boned … not braggin’ just sayin’. My last name is a long story. Maybe we should get some treats. Excuse me….MOMMY! Can me and my guest have a few treats? Thank you! Well, a babushka is a scarf that ladies wear on their heads to look beautiful. Anyways, when I was a kitten I was feral and I slept outside in a wooden box that my Mommy made for me. I wouldn’t let her touch me so at night she would take a blanket and throw it on my head so that it wouldn’t snow on me. Then, she would tuck it in under my chin and she said I looked like I was wearing a babushka. I love my name. I have a friend, Mr. Lucky … do you know Mr. Lucky? Well, he likes to say my name over and over again. He says, Babushka, Babushka, Babushka. He is so funny.”

How old are you?

“I am four years old.”

How did you come into your mom’s life (I see you were a rescue kitty)?

” Well, I was abandoned as a kitten and raised by a possum.  It all started …. wait, I better have a few more treats.  Where was I?  Oh yes … it all started in Fall and the leaves were falling from the trees.  I was hungry and tired.  I spotted a treehouse in a neighbors yard and decided to climb the tree and take shelter there.  I was very surprised to see a possum asleep in the corner of the house.  At first I was frightened; but I was so tired from climbing the tree that I quickly fell asleep.  When I awoke, I felt something very warm and furry next to me.  I opened my eyes to see a  pointy nose staring at me; MOL.  It was the possum letting me know that he liked me and he would take care of me.  I named him Pete.  We went everywhere together.  We found our food in garbage cans and gardens.  Pete was very good at hunting for food.  During the day, children played in the treehouse  so me and Pete explored the neighborhood looking for food.  One day we found Mommy’s yard and we watched her feed the squirrels and the birds and the chipmunks.   She kept trying to pet me but I wouldn’t let her because I was feral. Anyways, one day she tried to pet me and I got scared so I put my teeth on her. It was an accident. I don’t mean to do it. Well, someone told her that she better catch me and take me to the veterinarian to make sure I wasn’t a rabbit. After 2 weeks they decided I wasn’t a rabbit, and they let me go home with her. I didn’t want to bite her anymore. Now, I belong to her and she belongs to me.”

Does being double pawed make life easier or more difficult? (I don’t believe I’ve ever see a double pawed cat before)

“I think it is easier because my thumbs come in very handy when I use the computer … you know for the space bar and all. It’s called …. um … Sunny! What does Smoky call me?


SUNNY: Naughty.

“Not that! Oh, I remember, I’m called polydactyl. But I’m not a dinosaur or anything. It just means I have extra toes on my paws.”

I see you have quite a list of accomplishments on your facebook page, may I share with the readers?

“Oh, yes. Feel free to share everything with the readers. Well, I don’t like to blow my own kazoo or anything, but …… hey, that reminds me, I must add “plays the kazoo” to my resume. Excuse me … now where was I? Oh, yes. I have a list of accomplishments but …. MOMMY …. am I bragging if I speak of all my accomplishments? Mommy? Oh, she must be on the toilet or something. You may not know this; but I  don’t know to meow, I  quack. Wanna hear me? Okay wait …. I have to get down from this chair. Now listen carefully, because sometimes it comes out too soft …….. ahem ……. {Buuuuurrrrrrrp} … excuse me … that wasn’t it … Sometimes that happens. I’ll try again later.

Fatboy’s Accomplishments:

Fatboy Babushka has appeared in several music videos created by lonestarbabe01 for The Lucky Knight Pub.

Fatboy Babushka was also a Supermodel and appeared on the cover of PetFancy Magazine and was voted “Mr. Handsome of the Universe for all Eternity”.

Fatboy Babushka won a consolation prize for not winning PetMeds “The TV Star Search Pet Photo Contest”.

Fatboy Babushka is the President and Chief Designer of his own Jewelry Company. His first design was an ankle bracelet – embellished with bells, feathers and a mouse for his Mommy as a Christmas gift. His inspiration? “I wanted to hear when my Mommy was coming to look for me”.

Fatboy Babushka was asked by Tyron one of his good friends from Africa,  on facebook to name their kitty cat. After viewing a photo of the kitty, he immediately thought of ” Holly Go Lightly” (as in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) because he said the kitty’s face reminded him of Audrey Hepburn who starred in the movie. He has now added “Kitty Cat Namer” to his list of credits.

Fatboy Babushka formed his own Production Company and now makes movies under the name Fatboy Babushka Productions. His videos can be viewed on YouTube as well as on his facebook page.

Fatboy Babushka created and starred in an Info Commercial for kitties who have been put on a Diet by their owners; titled “Fatboy Babushka Ignores his Mommy”. The video shows how to effectively make your human feel sorry for you after they have rationed your food. Proven methods such as “Talk to the Butt” … “Avoid eye contact with your human” and “Look like you’re Starving” are shown how they will have your human feeling sorry for you in no time.

Fatboy Babushka wrote an Advice Column for his Facebook friends on 1/14/12 and offered advice (free of charge)on how to solve their problems.

On April 6 of 2012 Fatboy was awarded “Inspirational Friend of the Week” by Royal Ruskies. This was a very important award for Fatboy because they said “Fatboy was chosen as this weeks inspirational furfriend because he is always looking for new way to help others…” Fatboy was thrilled and has put this achievement in his scrapbook

What award/accomplishment are you most proud of?

“Well, I was voted “Most Inspirational Friend of the Week by my friends and Jack and Elwood from the Royal Ruskies. They have a newspaper called the Blues News and that was a very special honor for me. I cried a little when I found out.”

“And I was asked by a popular author, Bingo, (you may have heard of him), to write a review of his book “Bingo Explores the Farm”. My review appears on
Oh, and I was asked by the famous radio show personality, Joyce Parmelee, to appear on her internet radio show W4WN and let’s see … oh, yes …. I made a poster with 87 of my friends from The Red Wig Society and sent it to the troops overseas to show them that we support them. And Sgt. Larry Thomsen III, sent me a thank you note and said that he hung it up in the Morale and Welfare tent for the US soldiers.”

“Oh, and me and my BFF, Stinky held an auction on Fatboy Babushka’s Auctions for KIN facebook page and we raised $3,000.00 for over 20 needy kitties who had chip-ins. But everything I’ve accomplished was done with the help of all my friends who are very supportive and very generous. My friends are the best!”

“Oh, one more thing …. did you happen to see my movie “The Case of the Missing Hen”? It’s on YouTube. Well, it was my first mystery and I am a little proud of it because I not only starred in it but I also Directed and Produced it. I was Inspector Clawseau and a lot of people said I did a very good job acting.”

I see that you have a chip in for KIN (kittens in need), how did you start this and how to do you choose what kittens it supports?

“Oh, yes. we created a Directory called Fatboy Babushka’s Directory of Chip-Ins so that all the chip-ins would be in one place to make it easier for everyone to find and donate.

Mommy set up some guidelines for the chip-ins to make sure that they’d have accurate information; like the name of the veterinary hospital, and an address and phone number and important information like that. We want everyone to feel comfortable that their money is going to a good cause.

Anyone who provides the information that Mommy asks for will be listed in my Directory of Chip-Ins. Most of the time it’s kitties but we will list any chip-in if someone needs help. For instance, we have listed chip-ins for dogs, and rabbits, and birds and raccoons and … oh, wait … I didn’t mean raccoons. Because, you know what happened? We had a family of raccoons who broke into our pet door and ate all my food. They also ripped the head off of Sunny’s toy mouse and then pooped all over Mommy’s new rug. Well, anyways, we don’t have a chip-in for raccoons right now, but if there was a needy raccoon I think I would help him and so would my friends … just sayin’.”

For those cats out there that are on a diet do you have some words from you info commercial Fatboy Babushka Ignores his Mommy that you would like to share? May I include the info commercial?

“Oh, did you see that movie? Well, I was a little mad that day. My Mommy tried to put me on a diet and only gave me a half a can of my Fancy Feast. She thought I wouldn’t know but I did. I didn’t want to play with her and I turned my back to her when she tried to film me. Well, I almost fainted from hunger … just sayin’. But, let me see, if I was to give any advice, I would say …. Oh, here’s a good tip … MOL ….. I don’t share this with too many kitties … but, when your humans are asleep, go in the drawer where they keep your treats and take a few bags out and hide them; then you will always have food when you want, just sayin’.”

Do you plan on doing another Advice Column in the future?

“I would very much like to do another Advice Column. Thank you for reminding me. I shall hold a meeting with Sunny Papoochie and Smoky to see how that can be arranged. (Note to self … meet with Sunny and Smoky for advice).”

Tell us about the Red Wig Society and what got you started with the idea.

“Oh yes.   When Goody, mon ami (that’s French you know)  came to my Birthday Party (see Fatboy Babushka’s Birthday Party page on facebook) (, he wore a red wig.  It was so popular that everyone wanted a wig just like Goody.  So, I created The Red Wig Society, an organization where animals all over the world could get wigged for charity.  I named Goody President of France and I am CEO … just sayin’.   Well, then we needed a place to get wigged, so Amy Roach created a page for Fatboy’s Boutique and Hair Salon.  We have a staff of 4 professional wiggers (Patricia Seguin, Amy Roach, Lisa Sterling and Katy Buddhiraju) who will wig anyone in exchange for donating $1.00 to the chip-in of their choice. Here’s a photo of a keychain that I created for my on-line store where 100% of the profits go to help Kitties In Need”.

What advice would you like to give to people who are afraid/scared to pursue their passion?

*** Fatboy puts on his baseball cap and starts to perform a rap song he wrote ***

Don’t give up … I’m just sayin’
Stay in the game and keep on playin’
Winning’s only half the fun
Doing your best is getting it done.

Be happy, be smart; you’ve got what it takes and that’s a start
Be happy, be smart; you’ve got what it takes and that’s a start.

Be yourself and act how you feel
Don’t be a phony ……. Keep it real
Look in the mirror everyday
Love who you are and then just say ….

I’m happy …. I’m smart … I’ve got what it takes and that’s a start
I’m happy .… I’m smart … I’ve got what it takes and that’s a start

The more you say it, the sooner you’ll see
Your dream will become a reality
Tell yourself “Hey, I am strong” …
Don’t be a bully ‘cuz that’s just wrong

Just sayin’ ….. now Believe it!
Just sayin’ ….. now Dream it!
Just sayin’ ….. now  Try it!
Just sayin’ ….. now Do it!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

“Yes I would like to say to children everywhere to never stop dreaming because they can be whatever they want to be as long as they try hard enough. Oh … and also I’d like to say hello to all my friends on facebook because I have the best friends in the world. Mommy how many friends do I have? …….. oh, she didn’t answer …. Oh, she must be in the bathroom or something, just sayin’”

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Author’s Note: A huge thank you and pets go to Mr Fatboy Babushka for taking the time out of his busy schedule for the interview. Photos were used with permission (as they are copywritten and trademarked according to Mr Fatboy Babushka).