Meet Lord Ugly Boy Byron

Author’s Note: Lord Ugly Boy Byron is from a small island in Greece.

How old are you?

I am about 10 years old now. I am not sure what day I was really born so Mom went with the day I was found.

Where did your name come from?

My name came the day I arrived into the lives of my parents. Mom and Pops were on their way to work at the Taverna when Pops heard crying inside the big community Trash Compactor being that Pops heart is as big as they come. He crawled into the horrible machine and pulled my dirty, stinky hairless self out of the jaws of death. Pops said “Kaimeno!” (that means poor thing) “He is so ugly…poor poor boy!”

How did you come into your parent’s life?

We went to the Taverna where I had a wash and a big bowl of Noms, antibiotics, anti worm, anti flea and just about any other medicine mom could think of. We don’t have vet here so Mom does her best, we’re lucky she used to be a nurse.As the days pasted, I was always waiting at the Taverna door, Pops would say thats my Ugly Boy.Now in Greece sometimes it is a good thing to say the opposite, for protection from the evil eye.Slowly I changed, fattened up, got hair on my legs and tail, myeyes stopped oozing.But we kept the name just the same and what a lucky name it has been!

Fish-sitting.. and self control

What languages do you understand/speak?

I speak English, Greek and Catinese

What is a typical day like for you?

My routine is always the same:

Mom comes to the Taverna every morning at 11:00 am. I am waiting for her on my little patio off the Bar window where Pops has built a wonderful Space Pod house.
Once the doors and windows are open I can have my brekkie with my little brother Moussaka in the front patio.
We open for business at 7:30 pm…Mom gives us noms again.

Usually Big Red Roy comes to eat too…
Only I am allowed in the Taverna during service…

I have 2 beds behind the bar 1)The Beermbile & 2) DJ corner
At the end of the night Mom gives us Steakie or fishy or some other yummy treat from Pops kitchen, that’s around 2am.

After that we go outside and before you know it Mom is back again!

resting up for a night in the taverna

Do you swim? (since you live on an island)

No, I don’t know how to swim, but Mom’s friend Black Tooly Cat goes to the beach with her. Right to the waters edge!

Have your parents always been interested in cats?

Mom and Pops have always been animal crazy.

The famous beermobile

When the pet store finally was built was that the first time you had actual cat food?

We had cat food in the supermarket but not alway kitty biscuits, or any selection…Now we don’t worry at all!

What is your favorite thing to do?

My most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to cuddle with my mommy at the bar…I can just hug her for hours!

Are there any pictures you would like to share of Greece for those who have never seen it?

Filakia (that means little kisses)!!!!

The view from one of the many beaches

Author’s Note: Many thanks and filakia to Lord Ugly Boy and his family. For more adventures, check him out on facebook at