Meet Miss Dolly the Diva

How old are you Dolly?

I will be 4 years in March 2013 my first photo was taken in April & mommy thinks i was about 4-5 weeks old when it was taken mommy say’s i was just a little ball of fluff when they got me.

Where did your name come from?

My hoomin sister named me Dolly but my brother wanted to call me Shakira! pheww! i am so glad my sister won on that one mind you i do have some moves like Shakira. Then mommy called me a Diva as i am her little Princess & i like to be in control i have mommy & my hoomin sister wrapped around my paw.

How did you come into your mommy’s life?

before i came along mommy had a white cat called Sugar she was a special cat as she was also deaf. mommy adored Sugar  she was very loud & very naughty as to get attention she used to break mommy’s ornaments & vases but she also had a big personality & was very smart & funny. Then Sugar went to Rainbow Bridge when she was just over 2 years old it broke mommy’s heart & mommy vowed no more kitty’s as she could not take the pain when they passed over. Then a year later my hoomin sister walked in the house with me…well mommy took one look at me in the box & her heart melted,

May I ask how old your son is?

My son Prince Harry will be 3 years old in the first week of January 2013.

Why the name Prince Harry?

It was mommy’s niece that named him Prince Harry she lives in England & was here in Libya with a group at an ancient site as she is an archaeologist  on her way back home she stopped off to stay with us for a week & when she saw Harry mommy had not yet decided on a name for him so she said oh!! he has ginger spiky hair just like Prince Harry of England so we agreed on prince Harry as his it suited him perfectly & of course he was our little Prince .

Are you and your son allowed to go outside or do you stay indoors?

We used to stay indoors all the time then mommy started taking us in the garden for 15 minutes a day sometimes twice a day but during the war we were stuck indoors all the time as it was dangerous mommy found about 12 bullitt’s lying in the garden so we were kept indoors during that time but now she has resumed taking us outside again and we love going in the garden we have our favorite spots and we just like to sit & listen to the birds but we are not allowed out if the weather is really hot or if its cold as Persians are very sensitive.

What would you like to tell people about Persians that they might not know?

Just that we can be very sensitive kitty’s & you have to take very good care of our ears as they are prone to infections if not cleaned every month with our features being flat.

Do you require any special care (extra grooming,nail clipping, eye drops etc? )

Yes! i have really very pale blue eyes which are really sensitive & like a lot of white Persians i get a lot of discharge from my eyes so my hoomin sister has to clean my eyes for me everyday or they go all crusty & don’t look very nice I also am prone to eye infections so sometimes i have to have eye cream & drops i also have to have my nose cleaned as well. I.  have soft silky fur and mommy brushes me & has no problems but in August i was feeling naughty as i wanted mommy’s attention as mommy had been to the hospital all morning while her daughter had an operation and then went straight into the kitchen to cook so she could take food for her daughter at visiting time…mommy was cooking & i jumped up on the dresser & knocked a bottle full of flowers & a oily substance onto the floor. I jumped down onto  the floor & slid in the awful oil which made my fur go all knotty even though mommy gave me that horrible thing the hoomins call a BATH! My fur knotted so much that i had to have my fur on my tummy & sides all cut off & i am not pleased about that at all so i will not be doing anything naughty like that again for sure.

How did your mommy get involved with cats?

Mommy has always had cats since she was a little girl but it was after the war here & what we went through & she was thinking about all the poor animals then mommy joined a lot of rescue pages on Facebook and started signing causes for abused animals  & cross posting for kitties on death row in them awful shelters but mommy wishes she could do a lot more but there is not much she can do being here in this country but she wishes she was outside so she could work helping in a shelter as they don’t have shelters in this country.

Since you are from Libya what would you like people to know about your country?

(the map is courtesy of wikipedia –
I am actually not from Libya i was born in the Ukraine & was put on board a big ship bound for Libya via Egypt by kitty traffickers,  now i was just an itty bitty Kitteh at that time so i can not remember all the details but i know i was with my mommy & my 2 siblings who were also pure white Persians like me as well.
What i do remember i was took to this awful dirty place full with animals and it was not nice & i felt very scared…
Then i had been there for a few days & somebody took me away from my mommy & siblings & handed me to somebody that smelled really nice & cuddled me as soon as she saw me….that was my hoomin sister she had told a colleague at work she wanted a white Persian kitteh and he had walked into her work with me…we then went home & i saw mommy and she was so happy when she held me but she cried as she was thinking of her precious Sugar who went over to the Bridge the previous  year.
After mommy cuddled me she gave me a bath & i heard her counting after that…she got up to 70… Yes!! mommy said i had 70 fleas on my little body…i was so blessed to be taken to my hoomin family but me & mommy always wonder where my mommy & siblings went..we pray they went to good furever homes like me..

Would you like to share anything else about you & your family?

What i would like to share is we never thought we would be stuck in a civil war..that was a very stressful time for us & terrifying at times.. of course me & Harry did not know anything until the bombs started dropping around us the first night that Tripoli was hit by missiles from the sea.  Harry ran under mommy’s bed where he stayed for 3 days he only came out to use his litter box & mommy had to put his food & water at the side of the bed & he was acting really strange that mommy got very worried about him. We have military places all around us so when bombs dropped our windows & doors used to rattle the bombs started after dark till 4 am so we could not sleep but the worst time was when the battle came to Tripoli in August 2011 they were fighting with heavy weapons all around us for 3 days & nights so we got very scared but i knew i would be safe with mommy as mommy stayed here during the war just because of me & Harry. The hoomin daddy wanted her & my hoomin sister to go to England where it was safe as he was away in the oil field for 4 months & only mommy & our hoomin sister & brother were in the house alone with us & things were very scary. People might ask why mommy did not take us with her & go to England but they have a 6 month quarantine time for animals in England & mommy could not be apart from me as she knows i get very stressed even if i am apart from her just for a day so she stayed & risked her life because she loves us so much.

I see you share missing cat pages would you like to share here?

The pages i mostly share is for kitties that are in need of their furever homes that are in shelters one is an animal rescue page that try & save cats from Miami-Dade Animal Shelter which is a very high kill shelter which do not keep the precious furbabies for long….the rescue is    these people are very caring and do a great job trying to save as many cats as they can.
The other page is a Animal Shelter but they have a page which they try & find homes for the kitties so i would also like to add their page..
Also this is my page on facebook….
Author’s Note:
I would like to thank  Miss Dolly and her mother for taking the time to answer my questions. It was a pleasure to interview them as well as get to know a little bit about them. All pictures used with permission. My thoughts and prayers on with Miss Dolly and her hoomans hoping that the civil war ends soon.