Meet Zoe Blue

Zoe when she was little..

How old are you?

I turned a year old on July 23rd. I am no longer a kitten, now I am a CAT!

Where did the name Zoe come from?

It is a name my mama liked and she thought it would be a good cat name. She has a list of good cat names for the future in case she needs them. When mama went to the Wisconsin Humane Society she knew she wanted to adopt a girl kitten and name her Zoe. It is two syllables, so it is pronounced ZO-ee. I was eleven weeks old the day mama adopted me, and my name at the Wisconsin Humane Society was Allie. So I went from A to Z! MOL!

Are you a true blue Russian?

I am not a Russian Blue, but cats that are grey in color are often called ‘blue’. I took the name Zoe Blue for my Facebook page, but I have a secret. My real name is Zoe Chickapea! I thought if I used my real name on Facebook everyone would think I wasn’t spelling chickpea correctly, but it does have the extra ‘a’ in the middle. Mama used to hear it on a podcast she listens to. The man would call the listeners Chickapeas and she liked it.

What do you really think of having a big brother like Jerry?

I love my big brother and he loves me! When I was a kitten Jerry would cuddle me and wash me. He was like my second mama! MOL! When Jerry drinks from the water bowl in the kitchen, I try to get a drink at the same time but the bowl isn’t big enough!

Zoe sneaking in some cuddles with her brother Jerry’s stuffed rat

Is your brother upset you have a boyfriend?

He doesn’t mind. He’s kind of sweet on Ziggy’s older sister Tilly. Jerry likes all the ladycats! He likes to dance with them at parties!

Are there any pictures of you and your boyfriend that I can share?

We don’t have any photos of the two of us together, yet!

What are some of your favorite things to do?

My mama puts peanuts outside on the ledge of the big picture window and the squirrels come to eat them and they are inches away from me! I get so excited! But there is glass between us and the squirrels. I have toys I like to play with, especially anything with catnip.

Is it true you like to be covered in blankets?

My favorite thing is when mama changes the sheets on the bed! I love it when she throws a pillowcase or a sheet over me! It is so much fun! She pokes at me through the sheet and I purr loudly and try to get her finger and mama laughs! Mama has two blouses hanging on the doorknob of the linen closet in the bathroom and I love to pull them down so they land on top of me! She leaves them there just for me because I like to play in them. One time I was under the blouses and my big brother Jerry walked past and I attacked him! He didn’t know I was there because I was under the blouses! It was so funny!

Zoe playing in her mom’s blouse

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I really like to help other kitties. I had a photo contest on my page this past summer and part of the prizes was to make donations to Chip-Ins that the winners of the contest chose. It was fun to let others chose where the money went! I also had a scavenger hunt on my page recently, and I will be having more of them in the future. The people or pets who want to enter have to pay an entry fee to a chip-in, then they get to play. They are a lot of fun! The winner gets a few small prizes. My friends Jake and Elwood of the Royal Ruskies came up with the idea. They had a scavenger hunt to raise some money for an animal sanctuary, and guess what! I won! I also help my mama make things to donate to auctions to help Kitties In Need.

PS: Miss Zoe Blue wanted to add that she is going to have a scavenger hunt on her page on the 24th.  For rules on how it works check out the note on her facebook page.

If you would like to visit her facebook page and say hello please go to:

Author’s Note: I did an article on her brother Jerry, check out the article here. Many thanks to their mom for letting me interview Miss Zoe.