Meet Reed the Itty Bitty Three Legged Pittie


How old are you?

I am 17 weeks old, approx. 4 months.

Where did the name Reed come from?

The founder of PitEssentials Rescue named me, my siblings, my mom and grandma when we came in!

How did you get rescued by Pit Essentials Rescue, and how was the trip to Noble, Oklahoma?

When the cruelty case against my former owner was complete, and we were legally taken from the man, someone from a small town in Texas where we were called the Rescue and explained the situation. The founder talked to the group of volunteers and we did everything we could to raise money and get foster homes to step up. Once we had what we needed, 2 volunteers drove down to Texas and picked us up. The ride was really long, but I was pretty relaxed most of the way. My brother Giddian was sick the entire trip, He was rushed to the ER as soon as we got in. We discovered that he had the PARVO disease. Soon after, my other brother, Spencer, was diagnosed with PARVO too…
When we got to Oklahoma, we were met by all the foster parents and the volunteers to get us vaccinated, dewormed and take us home. That’s where I met my (now forever) momma and daddy! They had wanted to be my foster home!

Were you scared about having surgery?

I was very scared… Every time we went to the vet I would shake. I was afraid I was going to be left again. During the pre-op consultation, the vet had said that it would be extremely painful to have this surgery, since they had to cut through the bone, muscle and nerves. He was right… Even after the surgery, I came home and was so excited to be in a familiar place! But when I went to the ER 2 nights later, I was scared I would be left again… Momma said I clutched her like a cat!

Day #3 after surgery, the area is still swollen

How are you recovering?

I am recovering well! I am on an antibiotic every 12 hours to keep my incision from getting infected, I am on a pain medication every 12 hours, and another pain medication (since the pain was so bad, the ER vet gave this to me) every 8 hours to keep me as comfortable as possible. I am learning how to walk again. Before I would drag my half a leg on the ground, keeping my front left shoulder popped out, and my back right leg extended. The vet said all my muscle was deteriorating quickly. Now I have to learn how to walk like a normal puppy.
My incision is looking great momma says and I am finally getting more energy!

What is the first thing you plan to do when you recover?

There are a few people close by that donated to my surgery that I want to go and thank in person. After that, I am starting training school, where I will become a Certified Therapy Dog by the time I am a year old!!

Do you live with any other four-legged animals?

I live with 3 other dogs:

Miss Ringo aka Buggy (she keeps Reed in line)

– Ringo “Buggy”: Female Boxer, almost 3 years old. Rescued by Red Dirt Boxer Rescue and adopted by momma a couple of years ago.


-Bruno: Male Pit Bull, A year old. Rescued PitEssentials Rescue in January from the Sulphur, OK animal shelter right before euthanasia, adopted by momma and daddy in January (foster flunky #1!)

Journey, previous life as a bait dog now in a happy loving home

-Journey: Male Pit Bull, about 3 years old. Rescued by PitEssentials Rescue last November. He was found in GA starving and wandering the streets. He had been used as a bait dog in the “dog fighting” world. He has scars all over his body and is very timid. He was heartworm possitive too. Momma started fostering him last spring, and he is now foster flunky #2! They have adopted him too. smile

Do you represent a shelter?

I represent PitEssentials Rescue the best I can. I want to get the word out that Pit Bulls are not the scary monsters that people say we are. I am a cuddle bug and a momma’s boy. I want to become a therapy dog to allow me to help people, like people helped me, and to show people a good side to the breed. Most people do not adopt black dogs, pit bulls, or dogs who have “conditions”. I want people to understand that none of these things make us bad! Color of our fur doesn’t change our personality OR your luck. Pit Bulls are not mean monsters like media has made us to be. Look at my brother Journey and I! We were abused and neglected, but we are lovers. We want to sit in your lap, smooch your face, and nap with you as much as possible. (Journey is just a little heavier than I am…Hehe!) The “conditions”, like heartworm positive, missing a leg, blind, deaf, etc. don’t make us bad dogs. It makes us different. We can make a difference and change people’s minds about us! We can still function like any other dog! We may need medicine or help during recovery, but we are still awesome creatures! Ask momma! All of the dogs in our house have had a REALLY rough start to life. We were all rescues. All dumped, abused, neglected or abandoned. And now, we are the best family she and daddy could ask for!

Reed before the surgery notice the stump that is left of his leg.

Are you an advocate against animal cruelty?

I am a HUGE advocate against animal cruelty. My leg was cut off by a man who claimed I was “injured.” He said something happened and it was just “hanging there” so he chopped it off and threw it away. I had to heal outside, with no medicine or anything for the pain. I don’t ever want any other dog to go through this! It was so scary and so painful.
After meeting Journey and learning what he went through as a bait dog, makes me sad. He has so many scars all over his face and body. He has holes in his little ears. His face is covered in gashes and teeth marks. He has scars around his legs where you can see he was hog tied up- perfect circles around his ankles. He is so sweet, and yet people did that to him. Someone was heartless enough to intentionally put him through that! I want it to stop!

Where can your fans send you fan mail & best wishes on your recovery?

I get all of my facebook messages on my page every day, so that is the easiest way. If they want to actually send something, they can send it to the rescue addressed to me! It’s not far from my house smile
PitEssentials Rescue
PO Box 1640
Noble, OK 73068

Reed playing..

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to thank everyone for the support, and all of those people who have donated towards my surgery! We were able to pay IT ALL up front. That is awesome!! I can not thank people enough. Though it hurts, I will be able to be a normal dog for the first time, and I am excited!!


Author’s Note: I would like to thank Reed and his family for letting me do the interview. All photos were used with permission. And thanks to a reader for catching that I have forgotten to add the link! Sorry about that..