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6 Good Reasons to Adopt a Pet

The holidays are coming up and it’s a popular time of year for families to acquire new furry friends. If you’ve been pondering on getting a new companion, you should definitely consider adoption. There are millions of pets out there waiting for a new home. If you’re not convinced about adoption, here are some good reasons to adopt a pet.

1. Save a Life or Two

Did you know that millions of animals in shelters are euthanized every year? Due to pet overpopulation, shelters are running out of room to house pets in need of homes. Adopting a pet from your local shelter or rescue organization actually saves two lives. The life of the animal you adopt and the life of the one you free up space for in the shelter.

2. Pets Relieve Stress

Owning a pet can be very therapeutic. Studies have shown that pets can help with a number of medical conditions. Having an animal companion can help relieve stress and even lower blood pressure. Pets also help people with depression and people suffering from loneliness.

3. Save Money

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’ll also be saving yourself loads of cash. Pets from breeders or pet shops can be costly. Plus, you still have to pay for veterinary procedures like spaying/neutering, exams, and puppy/kitten vaccinations. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, they are usually already spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated.
Many people have the misconception that pets in the shelter are there because something is wrong with them. This is usually untrue. Most animals are at the shelter because their people were the ones with problems.

4. Don’t Support Breeding Mills

A breeding mill is a place where pets are bred with profit in mind. Their health and well-being is usually overlooked. Breeding mills sell their animals to pet shops. When you purchase a pet from a pet shop, you are most likely supporting breeding mills. In addition, many animals that come from breeding mills can have behavioral or health related problems at a very young age.

5. Teach Your Children a Good Life Lesson

If you have children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins, etc. you can help teach them a valuable lesson by adopting your next pet. Children look up to adults and learn from us. Teaching a child that adoption is better than buying from breeders or pet stores is a life lesson that will stick with them forever. They may even want to adopt their own pets when they grow up.

6. What You See Is What You Get

Another good reason to adopt a pet is that many are already full grown. You may be wondering how this is a good reason to adopt a pet. Sure puppies and kittens and other baby animals are cute, but they can also be a handful. If you adopt an older pet, you can completely skip the puppy/kitten stage and possibly avoid chewed up socks and shoes. Adopting a fully grown animal also means they are most likely already potty trained. Training an animal can be very time consuming and so many people already have busy work and home schedules.
Also, what you see is what you get! There is no guesswork on how big the animal will grow to be, what kind of fur it will have, or what kind of behaviors it will display as an adult. Many shelters do a behavioral evaluation of their animals before they adopt them out. This lets you know if the animal is good with children, good with other pets, or if they have a lot of energy.