Meet Lola the Rescued

Lola hogging the computer

How old are you?

I’m two years old. My vet told Mommy he thinks I was born in June 2010 so that’s when we celebrate my birthday.

Where did the name Lola come from?

When I was in the shelter a volunteer gave me the name Lola. I tried to tell her that wasn’t my name, but she didn’t understand what I was meowing. She was nice to me and gave me a name she thought suited me, so I didn’t mind. I like the name Lola.

How did you come into your mom’s life?

Now this is an interesting story. Mommy had a kitty at home that she wanted to find a partner for. There was a stray cat around our building that Mommy wanted to try to catch and maybe keep. She was on Facebook looking for someone to help her, and one page lead to the next and she found the page for On All Fours Cat Sitting located in Queens. She needed a cat sitter so she started to look at the page and found this picture of me:

(Photo taken by Janice Rossel please visit her at

She was so sad to read that I was thrown into a dumpster, and a few days later she came to the hospital where I was “just to support me” and spread the word about me (yeah, right, who was she kidding?). Even though I was a bag of bones and fur only weighing 3.4 pounds, couldn’t meow, and had a face full of mucus, she fell in love with me. She didn’t even mind when I wiped my runny nose on her. She decided right then and there that she wanted to be my Mommy and give me a home full of love. I’m still a sneezy cat and Mommy has to clean up my “sneeze accidents” around the house, but she doesn’t mind. (The stray kitty stopped coming around, so Mommy couldn’t catch him).

Did it take you a long time to start trusting people again?

I never stopped trusting people and everyone thought that was amazing. In the shelter I was so friendly and loveable, and then when I was rescued I couldn’t give humans enough love. I was so grateful people were being nice to me.

Lola enjoying some Sunday morning scritches.

Why are you promoting people to adopt/rescue dogs/cats from a shelter?

If I wasn’t rescued by my Aunt Leslie Kaufman, I would have been on Death Row and maybe wouldn’t be here to tell my story. I was given a second chance at life and all animals deserve the same chance. Rescued pets are so grateful for a good home and we show so much love to our humans. I wish I could save every animal on the streets and in shelters. Even if people want a certain breed, there are breed specific rescues. Don’t buy, adopt!

Are there any websites that you would like to share where people can look at adoptable pets? Some of those animals may end up on Death Row if they’re not adopted.

Where can someone send fan mail? I love mail.

Lola curled up and napping

Do you have any other four-legged family members you live with?

I live with my sister, Lexy. She’s a black and white kitty that came from a no kill shelter. She lived there almost a year before Mommy adopted her. She likes to lick my head and chase me around the house. We make a good team when it comes to hunting bugs. She taught me how to open the cabinets where the treats are kept.

Are there any shelters/rescue groups that you support?

We support Bobbie and the Strays, and Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue, Inc., Tabby’s Place and For Animals, Inc. They are local shelters that we donate to, or spread the word about pets who need a home. We support lots of animals in need on Facebook, too.

How did you mom get involved with animals or did she always like them?

Mommy always had kitties growing up and adored them. For a while she lived in places that wouldn’t allow pets, so she couldn’t have a kitty. Then one day she saw Lexy at an adoption event and fell in love with her. She asked her landlord if she could have a pet and the rest is history! Lexy paved the way for me living here.

Lola at a much healthier weight (8 lbs) and in her furever home

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

I want to thank all my Facebook friends who have followed my story even before Mommy knew about me (they shared my picture so I could be saved and find a forever home), and all the friends I’ve made along the way.  And I want to thank all the people who work so hard to save animals or do TNR to help give them a better life.  Save a life, adopt a rescued pet!


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Author’s Note: I would like to thank Miss Lola and her mommy for letting me interview them and sharing links. Photos were used with permission.