Meet Smoky

Miss Smoky vacationing in style

Who is Smoky?

Smoky is a beautiful black cat.

How did Smoky come into your life?

SMOKY: My family abandoned me in a “nice neighborhood”. My new family fell in love with me and took me in.

MEOWMY: We were new to the neighborhood, only living in our home for about five months. We did not realize Smoky was an abandoned kitty. She had a collar on, but no tag. We found out later through one of our neighbors who witnessed an SUV drive to the end of our street (we live in a cul-de-sac), door opened, kitty pushed out, door closed and SUV drove off, that Smoky needed a furrever home. We estimate that Smoky lived on her own for at least a week.

Is this your first black cat?

SMOKY: I don’t understand the question…Meowmy!

MEOWMY: Yes, first black cat. Honestly, I never in my life thought I would have a cat. I am a huge animal lover, but deathly allergic to cats. Thankfully, I have had minimal reaction to Smoky. She’s hypoallergenic!

How old is Smoky?

SMOKY: Is that in human year or cat years? Hey, it is not polite to ask a lady her age! Let’s just say I am in my PRIME.

MEOWMY: It’s OK Smoky. We estimate that Smoky was “about” a year old when we adopted her. We first saw her on Thanksgiving night 2007. We celebrate her birthday every year on Thanksgiving, even though the date changes from year to year. This year there will be six candles on her birthday cake.

Smoky going to the vet (she even travels in style!)

Does Smoky have any brofurs or sisfurs?

SMOKY: Are you kidding? It’s all about ME!

MEOWMY: We would love to adopt another cat, but honestly, it really is all about Smoky. Maybe when she gets a little older.

What are Smoky’s favorite places to sleep/toys to play with, etc.?

SMOKY: In the spring and summer, I sleep outside of my parent’s bedroom. Sometimes I sleep in a kitty bed…sometimes I sleep on a blanket I got from my dear furr friend DASH. When it starts to get cold, I sleep in my parent’s bedroom. Sometimes I sleep with them on the bed…sometimes I just sleep somewhere in the room.

MEOWMY: Smoky LOVES catnip toys. Her favorites are: YEOWW! Catnip cigar, Kitty Collage pillow, Sushi Shrimp and a catnip filled mouse.

Did you start the Black Cat Appreciation Page, I see you promoting it often?

SMOKY: I did not start the page, but like to promote it and anything that will help black cats.

Black cats have a hard time getting adopted and there are many reported cases of animal abuse and cruelty with black cats in particular. In fact, there was a case just this week in South Carolina of a black cat that was shot and killed with an arrow.

The statistics on black cats are hard to come by because records are not kept based on color. Anecdotally, black cats are the last to be adopted and in many cases, the first to be euthanized.

When did you get involved with animals or have you always been involved with animals?

SMOKY: I got involved when I started my Facebook page and got connected with the kitty community on Facebook.

I have learned so much in the last year.

Everypawty can help.

If you cannot Adopt…Foster

If you cannot Foster…Sponsor (Cash Donation)

If you cannot Sponsor…Volunteer

If you cannot Volunteer…Donate (Food, Litter, Toys, Wish List Items)

If you cannot Donate…Network/Educate/Cross-Post

EVERYPAWTY can do SOMETHING…large or small…to help save a LIFE.

Smoky the Princess wants to remind you that black is very slimming and always in season, so adopt a black cat =^.^=

What are some things that you would like people to know about black cats?

SMOKY: There are still a lot of people in the US that believe in myths and superstitions about black cats. Black cats are GOOD LUCK. I am living proof. Black cats don’t steal your soul, they steal your HEART! If you are considering adding a cat to your family, consider the black cat. They are the last to be adopted and in many cases the first to be euthanized. Black cats need your help. Black Cats RULE!

Black Cats In History

(Taken from

The ancient Egyptians believed that cats were sacred, so they worshipped them. An Egyptian goddess called Pasht was said to have had the body of a woman and the head of a cat. Since the Egyptians believed that Bast/Pasht had nine lives, they also believed that all cats did.

The Egyptians were so respectful of black cats that when one died, it was preserved as a mummy, just as Egyptians rulers were. Cemeteries have been found with mummified bodies of thousands of black cats, plus mummified mice to accompany them into the next world!

Later, in the Middle Ages, black cats were linked to witches and Satan. People believed that witches were able to transform themselves into black cats, and even if the witches were killed, each one could come back to life and take on the body of a black cat nine times. Witches were also said to use the brains of black cats in cooking up their mysterious brews.

Some people today still believe that black cats are evil signs. Perhaps someone has told you that if a black cat crosses your path, you should go home immediately or bad luck will befall you that day! Did it?

In many fishing villages of England today, black cats are considered good luck. Wives keep them in their homes to insure the safety of their husbands at sea!

Myths about Black Cats:

(Taken from

  • It is believed by many in different parts of the world that every black cat has at least one white hair. If you can manage to locate and pull out that one white hair without getting scratched, a happy marriage is in store for you.
  • In the theater, black cats are considered good luck. In fact, over the years so many stories of great performances being delivered after seeing one have prompted some actors to actually bring one of their own to the show.
  • In Japan and Britain, a black cat crossing your path is a harbinger of good luck, not bad.
  • Winston Churchill was a famous cat lover. He became the Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940, when his black cat Nelson was given a chair in the Cabinet, right next to Churchill.
  • Scottish cat lore says that a black kitten on the porch indicates future happiness.
  • The Germans say that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck — or good, depending upon the direction. A left to right crossing is good fortune, but a right to left movement is cause for concern. What if the cat walks backwards?
  • Latvian farmers believe that a black cat in the silo means that Rungis, the god of harvests, has smiled upon you.
  • It is said to be worse luck for you if you cross the path of a black cat, rather than the other way around.
  • If you’re with two other people, do you get only one-third as much bad luck? And, what if there are two or three cats?
  • Petting a black cat is said to bring health and prosperity. So, as long as you don’t cross paths with each other, it’s fine. Or, if you do, then make sure you pet the little furry thing before you part company. But how could you resist?!
  • The Chinese believe that black cats are predictors of poverty and famine.
  • The Italians say that if a black cat curls up on the bed of a sick person, death will soon follow. What if that’s the only pet you have?
  • Chasing away black cats is said to bring bad luck your way. So, if you chase one away and it crosses your path, you’re in real trouble.
  • Many cultures believe that black cats can heal. One belief is that passing the tail or a single hair from a black cat over an ailing eye can cure everything from a sty to blindness.
  • In the US, there’s a “Halloween ban” and many shelters won’t allow adoption of black cats during the month of October. The association with witches and magic remains to this day, and these felines are sometimes abused during this time of year

Keeping your black cats (and other pets) safe this Halloween:

Taken from :

Trick or treaters can cause loud and excessive noise and frighten your pet, so try to keep your pets inside in a quiet room where they are insulated from the Halloween rukus. : )

Pets, especially dogs, that are easily excitable or threatened by strangers should be kept from the front door so they cannot bite anyone or run into the street. With many people visiting the home in strange attire, even normally calm pets might overreact.

Keep pets on a shorter-than-normal leash if you plan on walking outside on Halloween. Again, scary and weird looking trick-or-treaters could provoke aggression in even the nicest pet.

Candy, especially chocolate, is toxic for animals and can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances, and even death. Ask kids not to share candy with pets.

Be careful with lit pumpkins and candles because pets can knock them over and start a fire. Therefore ensure that all burning objects are out of pet’s reach. Remember that cats can jump high, and birds can fly, so try to confine a pet if it demonstrates an “unhealthy” interest in flames (e.g. it puts its paws in lit pumpkins or tries to play with candles).

Avoid costumes held in place by rubber bands, which can be uncomfortable and, more important, rubber bands mistakenly left on a pet can quickly burrow into the animal’s skin and cause injury. Additionally, rubber bands in the wrong place can choke a bird.

If a pet wears a costume, make sure it is not constricting, causing your pet to trip, or blocking its vision. Do not force a pet to wear a costume if it demonstrates discomfort. All of the above can cause undue stress and possibly cause aggression in even the nicest dog, goldfish, or iguana.

Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween. Many animals disappear as pranksters and those with darker intentions tease, abduct, torture, or even kill pets.

Be especially watchful of black cats, who which are frequent targets of cruel activities on Halloween. Try to keep black cats inside for the week of Halloween. Many animal shelters make black cats unavailable for adoption the week before Halloween because of black cat abuse.

For further reading on Black Cats: – The Cat site did a neat blog about the mystique behind black cats – Discovery even did an article on black cats

Black Cat Names:

Have a black cat and don’t know what to name him/her?

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Author’s Note: Many thanks to Smoky and her meowmy for educating me on black cats along with answering the questions. Pictures of Smoky were used with permission, the black cat clip art were pulled from various places off the web, if they are yours please let me know and I will credit you. =^.^=