Meet Ziggy the wonder Ragdoll Kitty

Special Note: Sir Ziggy is all the way from England! 

Meet Ziggy!

How did Ziggy come into your life?

Ziggy came into our lives in a bittersweet way after we lost our house cat Ozzie a sweet gental beautiful White chinchilla kitty who was only 5 years old when he died very suddenly on the 1st September 2011.

Where did the name Ziggy come from?

Ziggy was after David Bowies Ziggy stardust. He nearly became ” Lemmy” from Moterhead, but quickly squashed that one, lol

Does Ziggy get to go outside and explore or is he strictly indoors?

When Ziggy comes out in the garden with us he truly loves it and we are so happy that he doesn’t go off exploring in the neighbours gardens and feel he wants to be with us all the time. Trying to get Ozzie in could be a nightmare but zigs comes in and out no problem especially when Joe shouts “BOUD FOOD,” then he comes running, lol

What is a typical day like for Ziggy?

Ziggy likes to spread his love around by spending 50% of the day with Joe giving him “Foot cuddles” as Joe puts it, under his desk whilst working and the rest of the time with me on the bed. I am somewhat disabled and unfortunately spend most of my time on or in the bed. Ziggy cheers me up & keeps me company.

How did Ziggy’s facebook page start?

Having a lot of spare time I created a FB page called ” Ziggy the Ragdoll Wonder Kitty” and have been amazed how popular he has became & has 776 friends so far.
We have both make some lovely friends and Ziggy even has a girlfriend called Lucy Belle Von Kirbykins in the USA, lol!
Mindy Lucy’s human and myself decided to donate £10/$10 for every 50 likes we receive starting at 500. I have donated £30 pounds to Cats protection League , £10 to a Ragdoll rescue and £20 to ” The Scratching Post” a local cat charity.
I am thinking of donating to the smaller charities as some times the big ones can eat into your donation to support admin etc through no fault of their own and by supporting the local ones you can actually see where the donation is going to.

How has having Ziggy in your life changed your lives?

Having Ziggy in our lives has convinced us not to get any other breed of cat again as they are truly remarkable and do every thing they say & do on the Tin & more!
So if you want a puppy cat then a Raggi is for you. They follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom. Zigs lays up against the shower door when I am in there.
They are not  known to be very vocal but ziggy is and have found that a lot of other raggis are when I posted a question on
He loves a belly rub and being groomed & often dribbles he loves it so much, lol!
He is not a loud purrer  but he does when being groomed.
One of the first thing I noticed with him was when you hold him in a position that he would rather not be in, he doesn’t struggle much  ( ie for cuddle you want to have!) and will stay there until you have finished, walking away calmly not running like most cats do!
I am a little jealous of his relationship with Joe as Ziggy goes to Joe in the morning for a cuddle under the Duvet and I am so desperate for him to do the same with me , but no chance, lol!

Have you always had cats in your life?

We have had many cats in our lives as children & since we were married and Joe always names to boys & me the girls! We had Barney a big ball of Black Fur & his sister a Grey/blue fluff bucket. Barney went missing when i was in hospital & never saw him again. Then we adopted “Murdoch” who he named after the character from the A Team. All three were rescue kittys from SAD CATS in Ware in hertforshire.Then came Tilly again from SAD CATS another  black fluffy kitten. Bella & Boudi were our babies killed in the road. Bless them.
I always wanted a lap cat and so Ozzie came to us in 2006 who Joe name after Ozzy Osbourn!
Although we had Boudica who goes out, the house felt empty without a house Cat.
Joe never liked the idea of litter trays etc but came to understand that it was very comforting know he was safe & always there to greet you. We unfortunately lost to cats in the road, Bella in 1995 & Tilly in 2004 and couldn’t bare the thought of that happening again,
Both were in the early morning around 6am and although Boudica does go out it is never in the night/early morning. Joe always says to her when he let’s her out ” stay away from the Road Boudi, be careful!” ideally we want her to stay in but she is nearly 8 years old and knows nothing else.

Do you have any advice to someone thinking about getting a Ragdoll Cat?

My advice to anyone thinking of getting a Ragdoll then I would say go ahead but you must be willing to be the centre of the kitty’s life and if are at work for most of the day then maybe the usual laid back moggie who sleeps for most of day would be a better option unless you get two Raggi’s together. They can get very depressed and lonely if left for long periods.
We are totally smitten and in love with Ragdolls and of course our wonderful sweet gentle boy Ziggy!   Ragdolls ROCK yay!

Facts about Ragdoll Cats:

The Ragdoll cat has emerged in North America as mixed cat breeding has become more popular. The ragdoll cat is usually part Burmese, Birman, Javanese, Siamese and Persian cat or any of these combinations.

The ragdoll breed is a medium haired cat. Perfect for those looking for a fluffy but low maintenance feline family member. The care and grooming of a ragdoll is much easier than that of a Persian, but grooming is still required.

Ragdolls are best known for going limp in a person’s arms, a sign of being laid back. This was the reasoning behind the name Ragdoll for they certainly do not resemble any ragdolls I have ever seen.

Ragdolls are known to be gentle and affectionate. They are laid back, remember, not aggressive and territorial. Ragdoll cats should not be considered outside cats, as it is not in their nature to hunt or to defend themselves. They like to play and cuddle.

Ragdolls have color points akin to a Siamese. Ragdolls have blue eyes and a gorgeous blue at that.

Ann Baker first bred Ragdolls in the 1960’s. She was a Persian breeder in California. By crossbreeding a Persian/ Angora female with a Birman or Burmese type males, litters were born with the medium thick fur, and Siamese color points.

Personality was actually bred in this cat. By breeding with those most affectionate, and most willing to go limp with an easygoing temperament, the standard Ragdoll type was born.

Ragdolls are considered dog like among cats because they have a tendency to follow their person around like a dog as well as welcoming them at the door. Out of all our rescued cats, only my ragdoll greets me at the door every day and follows me around.

Ragdolls are trainable!!!! People can tell you all the time about how their cats play fetch. Look at the cat closely- there is a high probability there is some ragdoll in their lineage somewhere. Duncan will come to me when called- yes, a cat. Very dog -like indeed!

Ragdolls are big cats. They are big- boned with an approximate weight of twelve to twenty pounds. They are loveable oafs.

You adopt a six-month-old ragdoll kitten, already almost twice the size of your Siamese kitten. Six months go by and suddenly your kitten is huge. Guess again, Ragdolls do not reach full maturity until between three and four years of age. Another growth spurt is bound to occur.

Ragdoll Colors:

(taken from:

->Seal Point
Body color may vary from fawn to warm brown. Paw pads on the colorpoint is seal. The paw pads on the Seal mitted and seal bicolor are pink with or without a mix of the point color.

->Blue Point
Body color is ivory and the points are deep blue at maturity Nose leather and paw pads are dark blue-gray.

->Chocolate Point
Body color is ivory. Point color is slightly lighter than the color of a milk chocolate bar.

->Lilac Point
Body body white. Points: frosty grey with pinkish tinge. Nose leather has a lilac hue and paw pads are coral pink.

->Lynx Point
Overlays any one of the above patterns. Ticking or striping appears on all the pointed area except the back or saddle Lynx pattern comes in all colors and patterns.

->Tortie Point
Overlays any of the above patterns. Tortoiseshell pattern appears on all the pointed areas. Colors generally are Red or Cream mixed with one of the other colors

->Flame Point
This is also called a red point. The Ragdoll body should be a warm, even, creamy white. The points will be a deep orange “hot” red. The paw pads and nose leather to be pink.

->Cream Point
The body clear white with any shading in the same tone as points. Points: pale buff cream to light pinkish cream, with lack of barring desirable The paw pads and nose leather pink.

Ragdoll Patterns:

(taken from :
->The Colorpoint 

this pattern has the darker points on the face, ears, legs and tail and has absolutely no white.

->The Mitted

this pattern is basically a colorpoint – with a white chin, white mittens on the front feet and white boots on the rear legs. The white on the chin must extend from the chin down to the stomach. The cat can have a white blaze on its face.

->The Bi-color 

this unique pattern is probably the most recognized as when you look up Ragdoll on the internet this is the pattern most often seen. It is basically a colorpoint cat with white over most of its body – the white completely covers its front and back legs, chest and underbody. There will be an inverted white blaze on the cats face .
Lynx – while the lynx is referred to as a pattern it really an overlay as it adds tabby strips to the darker body points on the cat. It does not change color or pattern just adds the tabby striping.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Bella, Barney, Murdoch Ozzie & Tilly.

Your memories will forever be in our hearts.
Author’s Note: Special thanks go to Ziggy and his mum for sharing information about this wonderful little guy as well as letting me use pictures.

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