Meet Kai Kobayashi


How old are you Kai?

I’ll be 4 Sept 15th!! That’s not my real birthday – but we celebrate it that day since it’s the day I came to live with mom and dad. When they adopted me 3 years ago, I was about a year old…so we made that date my official birthday.

How did you come into your mom’s life?

One day, mom saw an adoption van parked on our block. She had been thinking about adopting a kitty for a while, and had also been interested in volunteering with a rescue. She went into the van to talk to the people there about volunteering with their group, and they invited her to come visit the shelter. A week later she went to the shelter….and what can I say…it was love at first sight. She brought me home, and have been a volunteer with that rescue, For Animals Inc., ever since.
At the time mom adopted me, I had been at the shelter for less than a year. I was rescued from a house of horrors….the family kept LOTS of cats on their property and the rescue had been trying to get the family to allow them to come in and spay/neuter and give medical care to their cats for a long time with no luck. All they could do was drive by the property and leave food for us under the fence, as we were all skinny and dirty. Then one night in the middle of winter they got a call from the family to please come pick up a litter of kittens that had been born in their backyard a few days earlier. It was sub zero temperatures outside, so they rushed over….sadly it was too late for the kittens. They were frozen stiff 😦 The family let them remove the dead kittens and the mom cat…and after a lot of negotiation they let go of a few more cats…me being one of them. I looked a mess….skinny, dirty and scared. The people at the shelter were very nice to me….got me cleaned up, fed and neutered. I was still a little skittish after I came to live with mom and dad, but over time I’ve learned to trust and relax and be the goofball that I am today. I also had a bad marking problem for the first few months…I used to pee in mom and dad’s bed several times pr week. Mom says that was NOT fun. We got through it though…with some patience, vet care and TLC I now only do my business in the litterbox. There is ALWAYS a way to fix behavioral problems in cats….sadly a lot of pets lose their homes due to issues like this.

What kind of cat are you?

We have no idea exactly what breed I am. I am somewhat of a fancy mutt! My vet suspects I’m part Turkish Angora, but we don’t know for sure. Mom and dad says it doesn’t matter to them anyway.

Are you deaf?

(I ask because it looks like you have blue eyes and a lot of white cats with blue eyes are deaf) 
Funny that you ask….mom thought the same thing for the same exact reasons. Turns out there is nothing wrong with my hearing at all (the vet tested my hearing)….I just have what mom calls ‘selective hearing’. I can hear a treat pouch being opened from 2 rooms away…. I just have problems hearing the word ‘no’.

Where did the name Kai Kobayashi come from (and does it have a special meaning)?

At first my name was just Kai. Mom and Dad named me that because it’s the Hawaiian word for ocean – they thought it went well with my blue eyes. However…during my first 6 months of living with them they noticed I was obsessed with food. It was most likely due to me having had to fend for myself most of my life up to that point….but it resulted in lots of food theft going on in our house. I would open cabinets and drag food out, I would dumpster dive INSIDE our apartment, steal food off of my dad’s dinner plate and when food was placed in my bowl I’d INHALE it in 2 seconds flat….then try to steal my sister’s food from under her nose. That’s when mom added my middle name ‘Kobayashi’. I’m named after a Japanese competitive eater called Takeru Kobayashi.
It took about 6-7 months before this behavior got any better. Now I know food comes at regular intervals every single day and that there is no rush!

Since you and Fuzzer were rescued by the same group, did you know Fuzzer before she went to her furever home?

No, I never got to meet Fuzzer, sadly. I had already gone to live with my mom and dad by the time Fuzzer was rescued. We are friends on Facebook though…

May I mention the name of the rescue group and link their website?

Yes, I would love that! The name if the TNR and rescue group is For Animals Inc.

Where can people go to see more about you?

I’d love it if they came and visited me on my facebook page! I accept any and all fan mail on that page!

What is a typical day like for you?

Mom gets up early…at 5 am for work….so I make sure I wake her up even earlier so that we have time to stay in bed and snuggle for a while. I think this is very considerate of me. Wouldn’t want mom to run off to work without Kai snuggles!!! After we eat breakfast it is time to run and play with my step sister, Bedbug. We like to play a lot – the noisier the better. Then, if that alone didn’t wake dad up…I head back to bed to wake him up and give him some snuggles too.
I’m usually a really good boy…but sometimes I do get in trouble. I’ve been known to do things like knock pictures off of walls and push plants off of shelves if mom and dad even DARE be late with a meal or if I want them to get up and play with me. I do love to play, but in spite of having tons of cat toys, my favorite toy in the world is a crumpled up magazine page. Paperball football is the BEST. I also love to snuggle with Bedbug. She is very nice and likes to give me baths. I give her baths too and like to style the fur on her head into little punk style hairdo’s. She is usually not impressed by this…..go figure.

Do you have any four-legged family members you share your house with?

Yes. My big ‘sister’ Bedbug. She belongs to mom and dad’s roommate. She lived here for over 4 years before I came along. She was adopted from ACC.

Has your mom always been involved with animals?

Well, she’s always had pets…but she didn’t get involved in rescue until she adopted me. I like to take credit for that!!
Mom had a few cats growing up. Mom and dad also had a dog, a rescue Great Dane, but he went to the bridge before they adopted me.

Do you support any shelters/rescue groups and/or causes?

Yes…For Animals Inc.


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Author’s Note: I wanted to thank Kai’s guardians for taking the time to do the interview and being patient with me. =^..^=
All photos were used with permission.