Meet Callie the Calico Kitty

Miss Callie getting ready for a nap

Who is Callie?

She is a cat

How old is Callie?

Callie is 6. We say her birthday is April 10, 2006 based on how old the vet said she was when we got her. She was a small little kitten!

How did she come into your life?

My youngest daughter, Kristin, worked in a pet store (Petland) during her senior year of high school. Petland was famous for puppy mill puppies but occasionally have kittens. Callie was a Petland kitten. Kristin fell in love with her and begged her dad and me to let her bring her home! We gave in. Kristin felt sorry for her because people would walk by and play with the other kittens because they were “cuter” and the thought Callie was ugly because her colors are not as vibrant as some Calicos.

Does she have any fur siblings that she lives with?

Callie has 3 sister cats (1 older and 2 younger) and 5 doggie siblings! She gets along purrfectly with all the cats and the dogs. She and the 3 little dogs are good friends, but she’s a little intimidated by the 2 bigger dogs because they get excited and bounce around and often step on her! By accident of course!

Close up of Miss Callie

Is she a normal cat or does she require any special care?

Callie is normal and healthy. Shhh, don’t tell her, but she needs to go on a kitty diet! She is spayed (we promote spaying and neutering) and always gets her yearly vet check ups. She likes her vet lady a lot and it helps that Kristin now is a vet tech at the animal clinic. Callie did give us a scare a couple of years ago – she bit into a telephone wire. We couldn’t find her when we came home from work and after searching finally found her hiding in a closet. The left side of her mouth was very red and her fur looked singed. Kristin took her back to work and the vet lady said she had bitten into something and had shocked herself. By process of elimination and a telephone cord in the office with bite marks on it, we figured out what she had done. No clue as to why she decided to gnaw on that cord! It took awhile for her mouth to heal but luckily it did and there are no lasting effects at all.

How did you get involved with animals?

I grew up with dogs and cats. When I moved out on my own I always had cats (they were easier in little apartments). My hubby had always grown up with dogs – he learned early on in our relationship that there would always be a cat or 2 around. Between Kristin and myself we’ve taken in numerous animals; some we can adopt out and some we end up keeping. Two of our cats are ones that were dumped at her clinic at only 2 weeks old – she and I took turns feeding kittens around the clock.

Miss Callie

Why did you take in Callie?

Why not? We had plenty of love and room for this sweet girl. Callie is beautiful and is the most loving cat I’ve ever had. She will purr non-stop! She’s not a talker, but she will purr your ear off.

I read that she was at a pet store, I can’t imagine anyone calling her ugly, she is very unique and pretty to me. Kristin felt so sorry for her because no one would play with her because they said she’s not cute. She is truly one of the sweetest, most laid back cats ever!

What is a typical day for Callie like?

Eat, sleep, play! She loves, when it’s not too hot, to go on the screened porch and chase lizards! They climb the screen (and actually get inside when the door opens) and she has such fun with them. She is an inside cat only so I’ll often find her on the dining room window sill looking out over the front yard checking out all the birdies and the squirrels! And of course naptime in the laundry basket is a must!!!!! And when I’m home, she’s in my lap, unless of course Kristin is there – then she’ll forget all about me and go straight to her “first” mommy!

Callie prefers her water straight from the source

Anything else you want to share about Miss Callie?

I know everyone thinks there cats are the best and I feel the same way about her. She’s a little shy when you first meet her, but she warms up quickly. I had a very good friend of mine visit for the weekend a couple of years ago (she is a cat person too!) and Callie first started out in the room with her. Then on the couch in the living room (while Mary was in a chair), then on the table next to Mary’s chair, then in her lap! She’s very loving and a huge snuggler; sometimes purrs so loudly in your ear at night that it wakes you up! And when I’m sick she just knows something’s not right and doesn’t leave my side.

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The author would like to thank Callie’s guardian for answering my questions about this very pretty kitty. Photos were used with permission.