Meet Fuzzer the Blind Cat

Who is Fuzzer?

She is a blind cat.

How old is Fuzzer?

When she came to live with me in September of 2011, they said she was 4 months old. So she’s about 15 months old now. I think we are going to celebrate her birthday as of September 25th, which was the day she came to live with me. She said something to me earlier about ordering Hello Kitty invitations, she loves Hello Kitty anything!

How did Fuzzer get her name?

Fuzzer’s real name is Marion The Fuzz. She was named by a man named JF Richards, after his cat Buzzer, who had passed away. I renamed her Marion in honor of my grandmother, but she had already learned to recognize her name so even though her name is really Marion, we only call her Fuzzer or Fuzz here.

Fuzzer’s Story (according to her mommy/guardian):

I first saw Fuzzer, sitting in the grass at a feeder’s yard. This was the heart of the summer and I was so packed with kittens. I had just stopped by her property because I got a call from someone that there were kittens again on her property. About 5 years ago I had trapped some of the cats on her property and had them altered. On a side note, 5 years ago her nephew took my traps that I left on her property to trap the cats and refused to return them. He did not want me to trap the cats. When I ask for my traps he wanted to hit me. His aunt finally came out and told him to give the traps back to me because they did not want trouble. I was not able to get all the cats on the property altered because they took them inside to hide them from me. I tried to explain that I was helping the cats. Not sure why they did not believe me.

I saw Fuzzer sitting in the grass and about 6 or 7 other kittens her age ran when I approached the yard but she did not run. I said to myself just walk away since I did not have the energy to handle a situation like that. Janet came out to speak with me. I walked over to the kitten that did not run and I saw how sick she was and scooped her up. I told Janet she was dying and I had to rush her to the vet (I had to lie since I felt she did not trust me to give me the kitten). Janet kept saying “I take care of her, I wash her eyes with warm water”. I wanted to smack her. I took her home and force fed her since she weighed nothing. She was fur and bones. Both eyes were bulging out but one was worse than the other. She was covered in fleas. She would not have survived another few days I am sure if only because of the fleas eating her alive. The vet did not want to take blood to test her since she was in such bad shape. I found a young woman who fostered her for about two weeks. She had time to force feed her 4 times a day. I then brought her to the shelter and she lived there for a few weeks maneuvering very well outside. She would lay in the sunshine and run and played with the other kittens. Both her sisters were always by her side. She then went to Claire for a few weeks (another foster home) then to Pet Haven for surgery. Christie took them for a week after surgery. The rest is history as they say. ”

Fuzzer tagging her daddy

Did you have to re-arrange your furniture for Fuzzer when she got back from surgery?

Fuzzer didn’t live with me before her surgery, so she had no idea what my home was like. Truthfully, she does a great job getting around and even a few times I have added new things into my home and she quickly figured it out. In my dining room, I have a fireplace mantle (non working!) which was at least two feet from anything that Fuzzer could climb up on to get there, and I walked into the room one day and she was up on the mantel. This means that she jumped at least 2 feet from either my dining room table or my chair. Scares me to think of it, but she is pretty fearless about that kind of stuff.

How did Fuzzer adjust to being blind?

Fuzzer was blind already when she was rescued. I think there were 9 kittens in her group and we call them her siblings. All had bad eye infections but Fuzzer’s was the worst so she probably has no memory of being able to see.

Since Fuzzer lives with other cats, how do they call get along? Do they even notice Fuzzer is blind?

Fuzzer gets along great with my other cats they are; Augie, Iggy and Harry (all boys) and sister Frijole. They do realize she is a little different, but I’m not sure they realize that she can’t see. Honestly she runs and jumps and plays just as well as they do. I have seen them do a few things that are unusual though. Once my eldest cat Iggy watched Fuzzer lose a toy that got away from her and she was feeling around with her paws for it, but it was several feet from where she was. He picked it up and dropped it right in front of her.

Fuzzer (left) and Augie (top)

How did you get involved with animals?

I’ve always had animals growing up, but except for when I was very young I never had a cat because I have a sister who is allergic to them (truthfully, I am allergic to them as well). When I moved to the New York area several years ago I initially lived with a friend who had two cats, and when I moved out of there I realized that I had to have some of my own. I don’t get to do nearly as much to help animals as I would like to, but I did help Fuzzer create her Facebook page because she wants to let people know that they should consider adopting a cat with special needs. Fuzzer says I have to get a plug in for the group that rescued her, For Animals Inc. They do a great job and depend 100% on donations to help other kitties.

Fuzzer’s brother, Harry hogging the covers.


Fuzzer’s Facebook page:

Author’s Notes:
I would like to thank Fuzzer’s guardian for answering questions about Fuzzer as well as letting me borrow pictures for the blog. All pictures were used with permission.