Meet Kansas the Bunny

Who is Kansas?

Kansas is a bunny

Where did the name come from?

“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas was playing when we bought him-thus the name!

How did Kansas come into your life?

Kansas was purchased from a pet shop here in Tucson, Arizona.

Have you had bunnies before?

No, this is our first bunny-bunnies are actually very intelligent, they can even be trained to use a litter box.

Does Kansas have any siblings?

He has siblings-amount unknown.

What kind of bunny is he?

Kansas is a mini-lop.

Here are some bunny facts:

Male bunnies are called “bucks”

Female bunnies are called “does,”

Baby bunnies are called “kits.”

A bunny should be neutered to make them less wild and they will live longer.

Bunnies live 8-10 years.

Bunnies don’t bark or meow so you need to learn their body language to know what they are trying to communicate.

What are his favorite activities?

Kansas enjoys entertaining peeps with little poems on his facebook page. He also loves, fresh water, celery, parsley, hay and pellets. He also campaigns for rabbit rescue organizations on his facebook page.

Here is a sample of some of his work:

The pet shop is making me drool
Because this is, oh, so cool
I’m yelling you now my friends
That hay is on sale again!

They say it’s the sale of all sales
So I’m buying twenty bales
You can even pay them in yen
‘Cos hay is on sale aagggaaaiiiiaaaannn!

A tribute to Robert Burns

I dinnae hath nay hay!
Dinnae! Dinnae!
Nay hay hath I!
Dinnae! dinnae!
Stoatin’ cross yither floor
Chewed on yoned ‘lectric cord!
I dinnae hath nay hay!
Dinnae! Dinnnae!

How did you bunny proof the home for Kansas?

We bunny proofed the home by trial and error-we had to close the bedroom doors because he liked to hide under the bed. We also had to move any temptations like books out of reach.

What advice do you have for a first time bunny owner?

A first time bunny owner should make a “warren” a place for the bunny to eat, drink and relax. They should realize that bunnies need attention and can’t just be thrown in a cage. Bunnies need floor time with you and bunnies need hay cubes to keep their teeth good-and since their teeth keep growing throughout their lives-they need these cubes to trim them-or they will have health problems. Bunnies also need their nails trimnmed every 5 months or they may get injured or deformed feet.

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Author’s Note:
I would like to thank Kansas and his guardian for letting me ask them millions of questions about bunnies (not really millions of questions, but close enough) and their patience in answering them. Pictures were used with permission.