Meet Anakin the two legged miracle cat

Who is Anakin?

He is a kitten

What makes him special?

He only has two legs, his front ones.

How does he get around?

He positions his front legs at an angle towards the middle of his body and balances his backend in the air with the use of his tail touching the ground if he needs it. He gets around really well that way and is pretty quick too.

How was he found?

About two weeks ago a kitten without back legs started coming over to eat with the other feral cats at my dad’s work. My first few trips to attempt to catch it didn’t work out. Then Thursday (5/31/12), We went to see if this was the day we could catch it. The kitten was cowering in the bushes and I climbed into the bushes and pulled the kitten out. We brought the kitten home and I set it up in our hall bathroom

Where did the name Anakin come from?

From Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin’s Story:

Friday morning (6/1/12) I took him to our vet as soon as they opened. Our vet said she has never seen anything like him before and he is amazing and that it’s also amazing that his mother took care of him even with his handicap. She examined him and he is a little boy, approximately 6 to 8 weeks old and it in really good health. Two xrays on him showed he was born with no pelvis or back legs. We let him walk around the room for a minute to see how he moves.

The xray also showed that his insides were not malformed, last was the feline leukemia test. He’s came back negative. So we got him vaccinated, dewormed and a little flea meds and unless we have any problems with him, he goes back to the vet in three weeks  Now, he is home getting comfy in his little bathroom and will be there for a while till he is bigger, stronger and ready to be socialized with the other cats and our dog. He is such a sweet calm little guy  He is happy to cuddle in our laps and purrs really loud. He likes to play with a little toy mouse and also chase a beaded necklaces around on the floor. .

Anakin playing on the ipad

Where can someone end donations/money towards his care:

** Please note that Anakin’s guardian has asked not to donate anything as he has plenty of toys and things, but instead make a donation on behalf of Anakin to your local animal shelter, humane society or animal sanctuary.  She wanted to send her thank you’s for everyone’s concern about Anakin. He is doing well. **

Donations can be set by purchasing items from my Cat Art website, Tigerpixie Art Studio www. All profits from my website sales are going to Anakin’s care.

If you  prefer not to purchase anything but would still like to donate they can send a personal donation to my paypal account

Or if you prefer sending Anakin and his guardian snail mail please send to:

Anakin The Cat
c/o Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio
PO Box 36364
Pensacola, FL 32516-6364

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Other Links:

Anakin’s guardian is also an artist and is currently is a running a special with her artwork being 20% off  from now until July 31, 2012. The funds will go towards Anakin’s vet bills as well as the vet bills for her other cat, Tabby who has intestinal cancer. Please use voucher code: AnakinTabby20 at check out in order to recieve the discount.

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This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Anakin’s sister Tabby who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 20,2012.

16 years of sweetness and love.  We love and miss you.

Author’s Note:

A huge wonderful thank you goes out to his guardian Miss Carrie. All pictures and videos were used with permission.