Meet Dottie

Who is Dottie?

She is a cat.

What makes Dottie special?

She is missing a part of her left ear and has nubs for back legs.

Dottie’s Story:

Dottie was found in a parking lot of a hospital where a friend of a friend worked. She was actually trapped by animal control and when they found out how injured she was and that she would probably be put down, he decided to take her. All they did for her was bring her to a vet who bandaged her “legs” and put her on antibiotics. She was under their care for about 3 weeks. I got her from them in the beginning of April because they couldn’t bring her home because of a dog that didn’t like cats. She is getting along GREAT with my other cats, its people who she shys away from. She is finally getting used to my daughter and husband after 2 months.

Where does she like to sleep?

Her favorite spot to lay is on one of my daughters old comforters, folded up and nice and squishy

An x-ray showing Dottie’s back legs

How is she doing now?

We are working with a few people right now to either get her some prosthetic legs or some sort of cart she she can be more mobile. She gets around fine right now but her nubs begin to get raw and infected if she uses them to much.

Where did the name Dottie come from?

She got the name Dottie from the little black spot on her cheek. Also my mom has a cat who has 2 black spots, 1 on her nose and 1 on her chin and I guess I stole the name from her!!

Is she a part of any rescue group?

Dottie is only 1 year old and she is my personal kitty so no rescue groups are involved…only me.

This is a $2500 – $3500 estimate for Dottie’s vet bills.

Where can people send something to her?

Monica Imundi, PO Box 233 Minneola Fl 34755.

Or my paypal @ email

How did you get started with cats?

I worked for my first veterinarian in 1996. I was a client there and they asked me if I needed a job. When I started working there I quickly realized how many unwanted and uncared for cats there were in our area. I was hooked. It didnt’ take long and I was already up to 5..6…7…8 cats that would otherwise be euthanized if I didn’t take them. One of my favorites was a 20 year old siamese. His owners were traveling in a rv and decided he was to much trouble to take with them. They wanted him put to sleep. Besides being thin, there was nothing wrong with him. I conviently forgot to have them sign the paperwork before leaving..Well the vet didn’t have the heart either to put him down and told me If he just happens to disappear from the clinic tonight..I won’t know what happened. So I took him home and he lived with us for another year before passing away. After that, I just realized how evil people could be and how if a animal was an inconvience that it wasn’t really a big deal to just want to euthanize them or leave them somewhere.

UPDATE : Miss Dottie is up for the Luckiest Pet Contest by Petfinder click here to vote for her.

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Miss Dottie’s mom and Miss Dottie herself for answering the interview questions. Thank you all so much. Pictures were used with permission.