Meet Penny the Blind Cat

Another couple has welcomed a blind cat into their home.. below is my interview with them.

Was Penny was born blind?

Penny was not born blind. She was taken to a shelter and she kept getting infections in her eyes. So after some surgery they removed her eyes and now she’s the beautiful blind kitty we know today.

Is there anything extra you did to prep your house for when she first came home?

When Penny came home, it didn’t take her long to start jumping up on furniture or finding her litter box! What took the most time was letting her know that things were safe and okay. The first time that Penny’s “mom” met her, she bit her! Penny was in a shelter for five years and lots of other cats would try to play with her but she didn’t like it. She was very nervous and would scratch herself all the time.

Is there any extra care that you have to give her, like cleaning eyes or being careful when she’s around?

The only extra care that she receives is some medicine. No cleaning necessary other than what a cat with eyes would need (clipping those claws!). Penny knows where her litter box is, where her huge water bowl and food are, and especially where mom is when she sits down to knit!

Does she have any siblings (other cats/dogs/etc in the house?)

Penny doesn’t have any siblings, since she prefers the company of mom and The Strange Man (Jocelyn’s boyfriend Tim). We don’t think that has to necessarily do with her being blind but being a tortoiseshell cat. They’re very possessive!

What is her  favorite sleeping spot?

Her favorite sleeping spot is right on mom’s belly, nudging her face into mom’s. But Penny likes to sleep all over the place and part of the game coming home is guessing where Penny will be next. Is it the bed? Her cat bed? The couch? Futon? Maybe her secret space in the closet? It’s always a fun game to figure out where she is.

Where did you adopt her from?

Penny was adopted from Red Door Shelter in Chicago, IL.

Does she have favorite toys?

Penny doesn’t play as much as she used to, being an old lady (we think she’s at least ten) but she sure loves to sleep, eat all her food in the morning, and cuddle with mom. She LOVES cuddling!

Any tips for people considering adopting a blind cat or any special needs cats?

And how it changed your life by adopted penny?

A good tip for adopting a blind cat or special needs cat is that they can be just as fun and exciting and loving as any cat who can see. They’re beautiful and fun and can give so much love. It’s the best thing to happen to our little home here in Chicago and we love Penny every single day.

Thanks to her parents for letting me bombard them with questions about Penny and for letting me use the pictures for this article.

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Miss Penny passed away on 11/10/2012.  This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Miss Penny the Blind Cat would brought love and laughter to her mommy and the strange man for nearly 4 years. Fly free little one to the Rainbow Bridge.