I wanted to take a break from the short stories ( don’t worry they will be back Saturday) and share my discoveries of 14 things I’ve noticed about the morning commute routine..

7 Things I hate about the morning commute

1. people driving with their high beams on at 630 in the morning.. (for those that don’t have to get up at the butt crack of dawn.. before 7ish it’s dark.. so being behind me with high beams on is not going to motivate me to drive any faster)

2. it’s dark going to work

3. i have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn

4. morning people at work are rude..it’s like they are zombies until about lunchtime then they try to run you over while getting out of the parking lot going to lunch and then try to run you over again trying to get home

5. gotta go to bed early…before 11pm early (i normally working noon to 10:30pm so i don’t have to go to bed until 11 or midnight)

6. traffic looks like this coming home.. what would take me 45 minutes to get home now takes an hour and then some…

7.  I’m not hungry in the morning.. it’s too early to eat

7 Things I love about the morning commute

1. daylight when i come home – I’m not so vampiric..

2. evening news! (not that I watch it.. but I can.. it’s the thought that counts)

3. dinner at a normal time.. (5-6ish)

4. view of the Bayside Bridge coming to work as the day is beginning.. with the glimmer of light and some clouds is just breathtaking

5. daylight -did I mention that? I love daylight it makes me happy like a bird with a french fry happy

6. the past few evenings I’ve seen a small rainbow in the clouds as I’m close to home.. that’s a sight i can only see when coming home 15 minutes before sunset

7. businesses are still open when i get home.. not just Denny’s and Ihop 🙂

Side note.. while pulling visuals for this.. I found this

I so want this for work.. ❤